Printing and Evaluation

After I finished my typography and finalized the design for printing, I decided to print double-sided as earlier that day some other people had successful double-sided print. I added a bleed to my work to be sure that there wouldn’t be an alignment issue but you never know when it comes to printing. I printed it and was pleased with it I constructed the wallet and placed the cards inside. Changes I would make It came to my attention that there is spelling mistakes, but that day I didn’t have the money to print it again so for the PDF version I submitted, I changed the mistakes I noticed but If I made that mistake in the industry that would have come out of my own pocket so next time I will ensure I have it prove read by others and spell checked through and through. I would also allow a bigger bleed and the text was only just slightly off due to the printer been off by a couple of millimetres.

The reason I made a couple of mistakes was simply because I was in too much of a rush as I left things late, Next time I will make my time management improve, I need to set myself target deadlines to stop this happening again. I am very pleased with my design I have also had good feedback from others and staff about the design so I couldn’t be more pleased about that there is just a few things I would change for example the spelling. Also I think that I should have put bigger lips on it so that the sticking it together wasn’t only easier but was a stronger hold. Apart from the few problems I have had I am pleased with my outcome and would show it. I so feel as though it is fit for purpose, I also think that the client would be pleased with what I have made, I could image it been I’m a magazine with a nicely designed page showing customs with an urban design. I also think that it wouldn’t cost to much to print as it is three sheets of card where as it could have been more, I guess it is also cost-effective and I think I have fulfilled the requirements of the brief and the tasks set to me. I have explored themes and ideas but after consideration I feel as though I chose the best path to go down.

I have enjoyed working on this project as I did on part one, I feel as though I did explore many different techniques when It came to part one but I would have experimented with more traditional techniques if possible I did have ideas but I didn’t get the time to do them, I am pleased with the portfolio I have handed in I feel as though I have shown good computer based skills and experimenting with new things stepping out of my comfort zone, I also like the designs in my portfolio but once again time is my biggest enemy and I will improve this and as always I will look forward to starting the new projects.



I had ideas for imagery for the front of the cards, I decided to start with the imagery on the front of the card first as I thought this would be the part that I had to get right the most. I understand that every part is just as is important as the rest but I felt as though I should tackle this bit first. My idea for the front of the cards going back to ideas was x-ray although I wasn’t going to do the window, I still wanted to get this x-ray effect but before I could start I wasn’t sure how to start making an x-ray effect through Photoshop I had an idea to start by inverting the colors on the image but this wouldn’t work on every image so I went looking for help. I came across this tutorial that would help me get the x-ray look and it worked very well I am very pleased with the imagery I attained from this video. This is the link to the Video of which I used for the help.


This was my first attempt at recreating the x-ray effect and I think it worked really well I am going to use more images and create this effect to start making imagery.

Lipstickpigeon Tropical-Fish Mr potato Mr  pot..


I started finding a glow on some of the images but I just selected the area and then inverted and deleted anything that wasn’t wanted, I had to change some of them because they didn’t work so well like the first Mr potato head but after a while I ended up with lots of nice imagery.



The bottle one I liked very much but it didn’t work so well on the cards It just didn’t look right so I had to change it, when I first started making the cards using Photoshop I had these masks instead of the money but people were mistaking them for gnomes so I had to change them and went for the £100.000 bill and I think it paid off It looks much better than the masks did.

My next job was to start creating the template in Indesign the reason why I was using Indesign is simply I am going to use it to bring the whole design together this will make printing easier.



I started to make the layout but at first I needed to change Indesigns size measurements to millimetres as this is the easiest way of ensuring I have the correct size for my template. I forgot to mention before I am going to have the whole thing in size A6 the wallet and cards the standard postcard size. This way with it been in millimetres I could also make the correct size when it comes to the sides and lip to make sure I have the right depth so the cards don’t fall out and they can fit in snug. If I remember correctly it was 2 mill I needed to double-sided printing but I am going to use 4 mill for single sided and sticking for now as I know I can trust it. I ensured everything was the right size and measurements, this means that the template is ready the cards are easy enough to create as they are simply A6 in size.

After the template I got the front of the cards as finished as I thought possible here are the images of the fronts. I played around with the images I had from the using the x-ray effect I also took changed some of the imagery to get where I am now I feel as though they look good and I will use these as the front of the cards. I  did ask peers for advice and they mostly agreed they look good they said a little plain atm though without the wallet or backs so the next stage with be to design the backs. Here is the cards though,

Card1 Card2 Card3 Card4 Card5 Card6


I did change some of them from the original images at first because they didn’t work so well like the first Mr potato head and the skeleton, I’m happy with the way they look now I played around with the position as well to make them look a little better placed.

Designing the Cards Back,

As I was just having type on the backs I thought that I couldn’t keep the card a plain black color like the fronts or else that would look to plain so the next part was to design the back.


This is the back that I’m going to use for the cards, To create this I took a plain black background and then overlayed the grungy texture using Photoshop then I used the gradient tool to added the blue shadows this way I got the mix of colors. I like the urban grungy look I achieved with this as I linked in Laz Marquez’s work I really like urban feel and look which is what I am incorporating into my work. There is the image I used for the overlay at first I did take the color out of it so I could use it and color it in the overlay.

All that was left was to start designing the wallet I started with the front, As a starting point and because I was so pleased with it I used the back as a base for the wallet.

Holder Front

This is the holder front and I will go through how I achieved this, At first my idea was to use the stamp/ serious idea and as it was based on Customs where better to start than with the customs logo. I tool the Customs logo and used various select tools to erase the parts I didn’t want and plainly colored it black. I placed it on top of the Grungy texture. As the front this was finished for me and the title for my 15 minutes of fame was Nothing to Declare I used that for the stamp. I used Photoshop brushes for this, At first I did try to download free fonts that maybe could work but after trying various ones they didn’t look right. I went to PS and took a very serious typeface which happened to be Impact as it worked best. I then added a border and using the brushes I erased the edges to make it look stamped and grungy. I took a dry brush set made it a lot bigger to get the jagged edge, at first is was the color red but I was advised by staff to change it to something lighter like a green as that means something good. I didn’t go for green as It was too hard to see but yellow worked really well so I used yellow.

type title


This is what it looked like at first.

Designing the back of the cards wasn’t really tricky I had a really good idea to make it look like a passport I wasn’t sure were to start but I had to start somewhere so at first looked at the English passports and the way they looked, I still wanted the stamp style so I went for the logo on the front of the passport. I tried to cut it out but it would have taken hours upon hours so I started to explore different overlay methods with it. In the end I found a good over lay which was hard light.

Holder bkkkkkk2 Untitled-1


Overlay was harder to see than soft light which is shown in the first one so I went for the hard light which worked rather well. To be honest I didn’t think it would work this well but I had one problem the fact that it was on its side and centre so I changed it around and this is what I am going for on the package.

Holder bk1Untitlewerwerwerwerwerd-1


I brought the color levels up using the curves this was simply to bring the brightness up for printing as we see it brighter on-screen.

For the sides and the lips I just used a part of the background to keep it all together,

side a up1


Now it was time to bring it together in Indesign, I am going to put them through but keep them editable so I can always go back and change them if  I need to.



This shows how It came together in the template and I am very pleased with it and I can’t wait to see what it’s like when it comes out printed.

I also put in the cards and started to add the type, I got all the chosen extras that I wanted to add and all the information I needed and put it in Indesign. I went for a sans-serif typeface Helvetica Nunu light and bold to give it a little hierarchy but I mainly when for sans-serif because it goes better with urban the stamp the authority is the word I have been looking for. And this is also when I would get my serious feeling from, After adding the type in and aligned it all up the feeling wasn’t right. The design looked to boring and would make it no fun to read, after seeking advice for a tutor I added more hierarchy  to it, so that this way I was advised on using different angles and sizes.

sssss Untitled-1

Here I am showing them coming together in Indesign I played around with the position of the type until I got it right I received feedback from tutors as well and now I think I have the design finished. I have to get it ready for printing, I changed the resolution down to 150 from 300 this saves file size been to big and it is more than enough for printing.





I started my research by finding the strangest things possible found by customs around the globe. I found some strange bits of information from the websites I looked at, the worst thing is some of them are absolutely unbelievable and you wouldn’t even think anyone would attempt to bring the items they do through Customs. here is a bibliography of the sites I used.

These are all the links I used to find information on unusual Customs finds, here are some of my favourites,

Employees of the Munich airport were shocked to discover a skeleton in the luggage of two Italians during the scan. The women said that the remains of their relatives who died in Brazil , they would like to bury in Italy. Upon presentation of a death certificate, which states that a person has died a natural death, the Italians were allowed to transport the remains to their homeland.

On the border of Lewiston and Queenston between Canada and the United States in 2008, 50-year-old man from Barbados caused suspicion among customs officers, declare 100 bottles of “holy water”. Holy water was liquid ketamine.

pb 110915 cocaine rs.photoblog900 The Most Unusual Customs Finds

And this “burden” has not yet had time to confiscate … This image obtained by scanning the provided media and the Brazilian Federal Police can see the bags of cocaine in the gastro-intestinal tract of 20-year-old Irish citizen who was arrested by Brazilian police on Sept. 12 at the airport Congonhas in Sao Paulo. The young man, whose name has not been disclosed, was stopped while trying to board a plane bound for Brussels. In the intestine, was arrested on 72 sachets, which was almost a kilogram of cocaine.

There must have been something fishy about the way she walked. Custom`s officials stopped a woman as she arrived in Melbourne on a flight from Singapore and found 51 live tropical fish allegedly hidden in a specially designed apron under her skirt. During the search customs officers became suspicious after hearing ‘flipping’ noises coming from the vicinity of her waist. An examination revealed 15 plastic water-filled bags holding fish allegedly concealed inside a purpose-built apron. The fish was later identified as tropical Catfish with one fish, the Asian Arowana, being a Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) listed fish. All of the fish are Prohibited Imports. The value of the fish was estimated at $30,000


Last year, at a small international airport in Burlington, Vermont, a young woman was pulled aside by security agents because of a suspicious lipstick case in her carry-on bag. When the agents examined the cosmetic, they realized the lipstick was actually a 350,000 volt stun gun designed to look innocent and commonplace. Surprisingly, these devices can be purchased online for under $25. The passenger had to surrender her lipstick and resort to stunning with her beauty, rather than voltage.


In January of 2011, a shipment of decorative cats arrived at JFK Airport in New York on a flight from Thailand. The cargo was described by US Customs and Border Protection as “plastic samples.” They were destined for an address in the New York area but had no traceable sender. Federal agents ultimately became suspicious of the enormous shipment, and sure enough, when the agents cracked open the life-size figures, they discovered $9 million of pure opium.

I made a list of all the ones I am going to use this could change as I go through the project but this is what I am going to go for as of now.

Postal, 100 bottles of holy water, Snakes, Geckos and Tarantulas. Decaying, Dead Body parts, Corpse, Monkey head, Seals Head, Armadillo and Breast implants. Live Animals, Pigeons, Fish, Turtles, Cameleon and songbirds. Strange items, Money hidden in pastry, Ancient statue, $100,000 bill and terrorist masks. Drugs, Sachets of cocaine, Opium cats, Mr potato head and chocolate bars. Weapons Lipstick Gun, Dagger hair bush, Freddy Krueger gloves and Throwing star.

I have decided on a style I am going to go for serious on the wallet and urban when it comes to the typography. I am going to look into artists with a similar style to see whats out there. I also researched into Customs themselves and airports.

The Board of Customs, responsible for collecting His or Her Majesty’s Customs, had a very long history. The term customs ment to collect any customary payments or dues to The King/ Queen/ Bishop or the church. It then later became restricted to import and export goods. The English Customs can be traced back to the reign of King John.

  • never carry anything into the UK for someone else
  • never bring banned goods into the UK
  • if you are driving, make sure that everyone travelling with you knows which goods are banned or restricted – if you smuggle goods into the UK in a car, our officers may seize the car
  • do not smuggle an animal into the UK – it could be carrying rabies. A pet may be tame, but rabies is a killer.

This is the Customs Logo.




As I was looking for designs I decided to simply type in serious design and I came across a designer called Jay Jackson and his work is really fun and quirky he has a unique style. Here are some examples of his work and links to his website.

Sarah Palin - Royal Flush Magazine

He has a very different approach to his work, he also has some strange illustrations but I like the way he works getting the cartoon look and feel to them they are very good, It also adds a nice touch that he goes for a very nice color set not to bright and not to harsh on the eye. He has good tone values and shows good work throughout I am going to show you some of his other illustrations but believe me they are strange.

Sarah Palin - Royal Flush Magazine

Sarah Palin - Royal Flush Magazine

Sarah Palin - Royal Flush Magazine

Now you see with this last one I love the pencil sketched feel it makes it seem more fine in detail but also making it look really professional I love it when illustrated pencil work comes out really good.

Harley-Davidson Women's Tank Top

I love this print he has done It gives you the feeling of a stamp almost and the style I am going for is urban and serious stamps. He also ha logos posters and more you should go check them out.

There is a designer I know of called Laz Marquez he mainly works on movie posters but he has a lot of other work I love this guys work he is my favorite artist so I had to give him a mention.


Here is his work on the classic film psycho and his work is really something I like the grungy feeling you get yet it is modern and illustrative,


Here is some work he did for the walking dead a very popular TV series and I like the looks he creates because he gets this horror look but he can also achieve friendly looks with the grungy feel. I guess I could say I get an urban feeling from it as well.


At first I started thinking of things that people don’t always think of right away but are always there to help or make your day better. The ideas I had come up with was Dog, Car, Airport and Phone. Here is the ideas sheet I was using to refine my Ideas.

20131226_144947 1

After this I thought that the phone was to common the car idea would just be a rolling book of symbols and the dog idea was more on the day in a life of. Taking this in to consideration I decided it was best for me to go for security in airports and the interesting stuff they find. After talking to staff and peers I refined my idea more so I could focus on the important things and rather than just have security for one airport it could be Customs in general.

After my idea come to Customs my ideas were so much better I was already thinking of imagery and concepts and ideas for my research I just needed to think more about the package how it would come and the design of it.

20131226_150037 20131226_150052 1

Here are the two pages of drawing I made to think of ideas for my packages. I did explore different types but I had to think of the difficulty to make and the function, After some consideration I decided to go with the card holder with cards that slide out. My first thought was to have a window in the wallet so that it was though the carded had been through an x ray revealing the product of which then you could turn over the card and read more about it. I went over this idea a few times but I then realised that would mean lots of cards for one item as it would be one card one item.

I went on to remove the idea of the window but started designing a layout and template for the packet. When I was making templates I thought about adding lips to the end of the cards so that they would be pulled out in the correct order, I didn’t go through with this because my idea was just to do them in groups e.g. Weapons, Drugs and postel and so on, and so I would have imagery on the front and type on the back. With it this way I can have them read in any order, here are the templates I started drawing to get an idea of how it would be.


When making the layout I had to take the cards thickness into consideration and it would have some added depth so I had to take into account the size of the cards together. I decided on 6 cards and because of this I went into the printing room and asked to see six pieces of card so I could measure the size. 3 cards were 1 mill back to back printing or if I was going to print one side and stick It would be double.  Mine would be 2 mill as I was going to do double sided printing I was aware there could be alignment issues. The next step for me is to research I have my idea I just need to get my information and start designing.

15 Minutes of Fame

The whole group was briefed in on the 15 minutes of fame design task, from what I understand of the brief we are to design and develop a product/packet for a magazine of which the reader can just take out and have interaction with and read. The idea with 15 Minutes of Fame is to take something that isn’t so famous and then give reasons why it should be famous for its 15 minutes, we were given examples of things we could do as a starting point to ideas. We did have to be careful that we didn’t go off track as the idea of a day in the life of was linked to this project. Where I am going to start, I will start by making and building ideas up through sheets of paper until I get the right Idea for me.


energy2 photo rage dogs..... fearphoto


Here are the photos I got for the photography I like for stepping out of my comfort zone on this one I didn’t  do to bad, this was the first time I had ever tried to do photography work me and my girlfriend went out with the camera to capture some images by the end we got loads after going through them I chose these three and edited them through Photoshop slightly and I like the way they turned out.

My favourite is the one of the dogs I think It communicates Rage very well I like what I did to the contrast on this one, I went for the spider fear again for the phobias as I had taken this picture just when it when dark so I got a macro shot, I like the fact it is all dark because it  shows dark scary places and then there is a spider web but where’s the spider. I think that the reason you wonder where it is means it could be anywhere leaving a question of fear.

I used the power station picture to show energy as power was the best way to communicate the specific energy as a picture. I love the way this picture turned out I think it worked well taken from distance as it shows the pollution and smoke left behind by the station, also I think the colors on this image are different as it was taken just before dark. I did test these photographs on peers and in the end everyone guess right so I’m pleased to say they turned out nicely.

vis com cover2 vis com cover

These are the two covers I designed to go in my portfolio I also put together the pages in order so that they would be organised nicely and not look a mess but one of these will be the cover I put these together using Photoshop, I am going to create the portfolio in Adobe Indesign and make a PDF out of it.



Fear1 Fear flattened

Here are my two outcomes for the photomontage for fear, I Like the way they turned out I think that they communicated fear in a different way compared to phobias but after looking at traditional movie posts as they are a favourite of mine I wanted to make something interesting.

Untitled-1 ssssss

Here I am showing how I took a usual picture of a grim reaper as they are seen to be associated with death and a lot of people are scared of death. I took all of the color out of the image added a color overlay of this gray and made it a silhouette, I used the selection tool to remove the parts of the whole image that I didn’t want. once I had done this I took a forest picture but took all of the colour out and made it a grey contrast. I used this because as a kid growing up in the books and movies going into a forest at night or if it is dark ends badly meaning people get scared causing them to fear them. Once both images were merged together and looked good I started to add the overlay I took a simple fire image and then used it as an overlay I played around with the contrast until I felt that the image was right.

sssddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Here it shows the overlaid layer from the fire and the hue and saturation levels I was changing to get the image right after some experiments I found that after bringing the black and white levels of the image up and changing the Hue it gave the image a really good effect. That is where I got the dark purple look from to make it look old but yet like it is in the moon light.

eplosion upclose planet edit

Here is my two outcomes for the Photoshop work, working on the word energy this is where I used the idea of a ball of energy or and orb. For this I was looking around places for a while thinking of ideas then I cam across a YouTube video explaining how to create this planet explosion and I decided that was the right thing for me. This was my version from the video, I also thought that with energy there is a huge link with explosions as well but I wanted to focus on the orbs and balls of energy.

This is the link to the video I really think mine turned out well.

Snowboarding Midair

When I was looking at movement and I had seen this one showing the past movements through imagery and wanted to do something similar through Photoshop but I did not know where to start so I decided to check YouTube and this was my outcome. I am pleased with it I think that it looks good better than I thought and works.

Here is the link I followed I took a different from what he uses on the video as I really wanted something like snowboarding but I think this one definitely shows the communication visually of movement.