The Run, Evaluation

20131002_101217 20131002_101222

This is Siobhan’s part to the run she made the merry-go-round, she used play dough and black paint to make the animals, also just by using sticks and foil she made the poles. To finish she used hair curls and black paper plates. it did run smoothly and worked well when attached to mine.


This was Sabine’s I’m not completely sure how she made it as we never really had the time to speak about it, when we turned up on the day me Sabine and Siobhan had their part but there was no-show from our other member, because of this we was effected and had to improvise using what me had only three parts of the run. Because of this we had to stick to what we could because we didn’t have time ti make it look good and we didn’t have time to put it together properly.

Because of the no-show from Sam he had the longest part of the run in his hands so we was let down. To be honest I was so let down I thought we was humiliated, the only thing we could hope to do is not get marked down we made it clear that with a missing member playing the same amount of role it was never going to be good enough but we did it anyway.

20131002_092950 20131002_093004

This is what our final run looked like, It was very disappointing but the outcome of this of this is that we tried the best we could with what we was given to say the least. We even had to prop it up with boxes, but at the end of it I think my development work was good enough to at least get something from this. Things I would do differently would be to make it more professional and always make sure I have a back up for anything because it was a huge blow.

In the end Sam turned up with his part later on that day but we wasn’t allowed to do it again so it didn’t matter but I thought I should include it on the blog. It does look good and if together with the rest of the run would have been just what we wanted something that went for a while longer and looked much better, here are some examples of his work

.20131002_134141 1 20131002_134048 20131002_134100

As we decided to do the blog work on each one but for the group just link them together so here are there blog addresses. I don’t have Sams as he hasn’t given it to me but here is the other two.


Research This is another persons video on a Lego marble run it really is good, but I haven’t got the resources of Lego like this person had, mostly the reason for the research is so that I get a better understanding of how the marble will move through the run. This one is more extreme I don’t think I will ever see anything like this in our class but it’s awesome to see there is things like this on the internet. This one is really well made and well built, I really like some of the mechanisms that are involved with this one and the way they get it to move up the stairs is really cool.  One thing I have learnt from this is that wood and metal are the best two runners for marbles. One of the problems everyone faces is getting the marble to run for more than 20 seconds. Some of the problems that we face are getting the marble to run but not to quickly, the marble needs momentum but if it travels with high velocity then the run would be over to fast. Also gravity and friction play a huge part in the speed of the marbles travel in any direction, gravity will only help if the marble goes down.

Tim Burton Is a film and artist, he creates mostly gothic based themes. We decieded to go for Tim as he is a very famous gothic artist, his work includes Beetle Juice, Sweeney Todd. Batman,The Nightmare Before Christmas and Alice In Wonderland.

Tim Burton by Gage Skidmore.jpg

I really like his style its very gothic, yet very calm and friendly. To say gothic is scaryhe gives the feel to gothic themes a whole new feel, this is one of the reasons why we chose Tim Burton as he doesn’t make things to scary but yet friendly. Almost like casper the ghost.

Constructing My Part

At first we checked out the room with the spear stuff in, this happened to be the room where past year marble runners left their stuff, we found some pretty cool stuff, one of the best and most useful things we found was Lego. As i was struggling to decided what to make my dodgems course out of, I decided to make the course out of Lego this way I could start right away. I started to construct the Lego into a course, this did take a lot of time at first but then once I got at it I finished the construction the day was over so I was to finish it the next day.

The next time I worked on the dodgems the marble didn’t run smooth, after some sorting out I added some xylophones into the construction to make a musicale noise as the marble hit them. After some consideration I then thought to make it more Gothic visual, I then painted all the Lego black. Once I had finished this I put it back together and made sure the marble ran through smoothly, I checked time and time again, the marble did run smoothly so my part was ready to add to the other pieces. As I was the first to finish my part I had to wait for the others but I didn’t mind as it gave me time to focus on the Flights of Fancy brief.

20131002_101206 20131002_101213 20131002_092959

Here you can see the track I built inside the structure and the Lego all painted black, also you can see the musical instruments. The reason why I had to put the structure on a slant, is because with it been Lego the marble itself couldn’t just run through it alone.

Marble Run

Along side the Flights of Fancy brief we have also been given the marble run. The task of which has been set, We have been placed into groups and given the task of building a marble run, of which the marble is to run for 20 to 30 seconds. Once placed in groups we was briefed on the project, we are to provide evidence of our research, work and development until we reach our final finished marble run. Once we was put into groups our group was brainstorming ideas to come up with something new and brilliant. I came up with this idea that we was to each decided on a part of the run to make, then each go off and construct the part of the run. The reason why we thought this was a good idea was because, when the marking comes we are going to be assessed through our own individual contribution, this way it keeps the contribution of each part to an equal level.

We brainstormed a few ideas to help come up with something good.


This is the evidence to show our brainstorming ideas, this is my copy and the one I took to take notes down, everyone else has their own version. In the end we used the fair ground theme for our marble run and we are going to use the Tim Burton as a style to make it more Gothic and classic styled.

We each decided to build our own part to give each other a fair way to keep the effort the same, as with the team effort score. We decided to have a helter skelter, Ferris wheel, merry-go-round and dodgems. We all decided which part we wanted to build, Sabine chose the Helter slelter, Sam chose the Ferris wheel, Siobhan chose the merry go round and I chose the dodgems. Here is a plane on what the final run could start to look like.