Outcomes, Recognise the use of signs and symbols. Define the discuss signifies and signified elements within artefacts. Apply symbolism to practice.


The study of signs and symbols, we read the signs that make up an image and then we look at the significance of the signs.

Saussures theory of interpretation

Barthes’s two orders of signification.

Sign Signifier – denotation

– Connotation how is it portrayed. The interaction that occurs when the sign meets the feelings or emotions of the readers.

“The connection between the signifier and the signified is so completely learned at an early age”.

Myth – A cultures way of thinking about, a way of conceptualising or understanding it. Myths are socially, politically and historically constructed, they change with time.

Jan Van Eyck

The Arnolfini Wedding – youtube






write a supporting statement which analyses your process and outcome.


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