The tutors provided some magazines to look through that are out there at the moment so as a starting point I am going to look at them. here is a link to the company that we are working with and the current magazines that they have to read. They are free to read online, I don’t think the style of their magazines would appeal to students but that is where we come in.

Here is the Exposed Magazine latest edition,


I think Exposed magazine have it stop on for get younger peoples attention, using Arnold as the main story will get lots of people interested, also using the slang language will help and only the youths will be using the slang language. Also I think that it shows the magazine is from Sheffield and is intended for Sheffield because although I study in Sheffield using the word stogie for a smoke of some sort is something I have ever heard living out of Sheffield. I also really like the typeface they used for the masthead, it is clear and powerful, I also like the sans serif typeface they use on the headline, it gives you the sense of new and exciting.

exposed mag speard expo spread 2 expo speard3 feature

Here are some of the spreads they have in the magazine, you can read it for free online using this link but for the purpose of my research I am going to show some of the spreads in my blog. I like the way they design there spreads, usually you can tell if a magazine uses a grid system to design the layout of the pages, but I can’t quite tell with this magazine, I am going to say I think they are but I don’t think it is a modular grid. I like the way they have put the image and text together the titles on the page compliment the images and the text boxes fit well on the page, the type isn’t a struggle to read but sometimes on the ads the color contrast is very strong. I like the simplicity with the colors used by them but making giving the design a broader feel by using the imagery. I like simplicity as I think it has a cleaner feel about it and the two spread that are in black and white are really clean and well placed.




lafashon cover


This is a Fashion magazine, called La Vida. I’m not just looking at student magazines but a wide range for my research, Here is an example of one of their previous summer issues. I like the use of photography, I also like their masthead it is clear and clean and suits the magazine very well, I can understand the use of the sub-title but I think it could always get mistaken for the masthead if people didn’t now the magazine. They should have perhaps made it a little more clear but made it subtle.


speard i like fashion sperad

Here is two of their spreads that I picked out that I thought were the most effective and eye catching, the first one I picked for the reason that I feel is a very nice piece of design, I like the grungy texture using negative space to give the type a creative look. Now with the other one compared to the rest of the magazine, the black and yellow color really catch your eye. I was drawn into this spread because of the hand written type as well as the colors which then lead on to me looking at the information of this page. I would say I think they used a grid system throughout the magazine, I like the way it has been displayed on this page I like the layout, and I also like the colors to highlight parts of the information. I do think this is a break from the rest if the magazine and I  would look at this page more than any of the others.

hard to radthe whiteabitmessy

Here is two spreads I want to mention because there is a few things here that I would like to avoid if possible in my own magazine. First off the spread using photography is really nicely put together until you realize the information given is hard to read and unclear unless you look really closely. I do think that the choice of imagery is everything and the imagery is really effective for the page, also they made a good choice but I think they should have changed the type, maybe made it more clear by making it larger, changing the color or even changing the location.

Secondly I would like to point out that although it isn’t a real problem I think it is something I wouldn’t have in my magazine, The page looks unclear and jumbled together, It is aimed for men with the choice his not hers but it looks cluttered and its something I wouldn’t consider looking at for long. I would make it clear and more organised and make the imagery look like it has a place on the page, this is where I think a modular grid system would come in use, if they used one for this they could have utilized it better.


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