Chic MagazineCHIC mh

CHIC is a lifestyle magazine in Sheffield, it is aimed at young and upcoming professionals as well as people living the high life. Looking at the front cover of magazine I think they give a professional feel, the design is nicely put together and using the black and white adds to the high-life as it also makes it feel vintage. The masthead themselves I prefer the one used on the first magazine, I think this one would appeal more to the younger professionals than the one on the second front cover. I do think the other masthead is nice but I think it looks more like a clothing brand typeface, whereas the first one is much more professional. I like the typographic styling with the first one and the overlaying onto the page is a very nice and effective way to brand it, In conclusion I think they hit the nail on the head with the target audience, I think it would appeal to young professionals and high-lifers it also appeals to me. There choice on photography is nice but in my opinion I think Doc Brown could have been a bit more straight faced rather than looking like he kissed something, I fully understand why the decision to go for Doc as he is very popular with the young adults. I think the photography on the first one is a little better but maybe with girls like that it would maybe get confused with a fashion magazine rather than a lifestyle magazine or even come across as a girls magazine.

Chic mag spread 2

I like the spreads in the magazine there is a lot of advertising though, but I can see why with it been a free magazine. I like the use of single colors, the page comes across as well thought out and positioned well. I like the choices in photography but you can tell everything is brought together using a grid system, I like grids, it keeps the pages organised and fresh without making them look tumbled. You can tell from the alignment how the text lines up perfectly to the picture above and below, also across the spread. I am going to use one in my work.

Chic maga spread


I like this magazine spread also I like the way that have used one color because this gives series to the pages it shows that is a style that the magazine is sticking to. this page evidently shows the use of a grid system, I assume that the grid is used on all pages throughout the magazine. The page content is shown clearly and uncluttered unlike a magazine that I used earlier on in the project, this makes it look more professional and appeals more to the target audience. For the next part of the project research I am going to find my own resourced magazines to get a better prospective of the spread layouts for my own designs.


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