As I was looking through magazines The Review magazine jumped out at me, I actually decided to give it a look. I think the name dragged me in, I believe that a good magazine name is key, If someone reads a name and then thinks that cool they might pick the magazine up because of that. I also believe the magazine is picked up by the masthead and the front cover but I think the name is also a key part to this.

The review magazine is a London-based magazine aimed at hard-working people, happy with their life’s, people who don’t want to rock the boat. The magazine aims to get these people to want more, here is a quote form them. “The Review believes in an altogether different work-life balance. This is your life— and without wanting to sound too downbeat, it’s ending, one minute at a time. So, don’t settle when you could have more: be confident, make big choices, and walk tall.”

The review cover

This is the cover that out of all the magazines I looked at dragged me in, I like the way the magazine is, it looks professional and well designed, I think it looks like its made from really high quality paper. I could only see this magazine on the internet so I don’t know what the paper stock is like, but from the design and look from the magazine I can only imagine that it is high quality and maybe got a gloss finish. The masthead is simply but yet it works, I think this is because it is suitable so the magazines style and content, It is a high-class magazine trying to get people to want more. I think if someone picked this up they would get the feel for it that was intended, I’m not sure if the target audience would always pick it up if they don’t want to rock the boat but I think the style they went for is stop on in junction with what they want to get across.

You can see here that they went for the black and white again, I think the black and white color mix is very popular in higher class magazines because it has this vintage feel about it, also it is minimal getting it a feel that there isn’t too much going on so you know what you are looking at, I like this magazine but it is specifically at one range of audience and with all the people it is aimed at it could be a problem. I think the cover is effective as it worked with me out of all the magazines I looked at I decided to give this a look and that could have been the difference between someone buying or not.

the review spredthe review car feture

When I looked in the magazine I wasn’t surprised with what I had seen, all of the pages were full of advertisements trying to sell products of higher class, for example expensive clothing brands. Here is a spread that I decided to show in my research out of all the others for a few reasons, one of them been it’s a car review, but on a serious note you can see straight away that they sick to a grid system throughout this magazine, I think that their grid is a little to safe though, although the content is effective and suitable to the magazine I feel although if I picked it up there isn’t enough to look at on the page. I know there is imagery to go with it but it and it is clearly shown and well organised but I think the design is a little bit safe, I would get bored looking through this as every page is of similar design. I do like the slight touch of design with the title for the page with is the cars model but apart from that the page is very basically put together.

the review photos

Here is a page that was a little different from the rest I think the reason for this is, as it is very photography based they changed the layout slightly, I think they have used the same grid system for this page but I think think it is similar to the other pages as there isn’t to much as far as creative goes, I do think that this suits the target audience but if it was me I wouldn’t have kept reading or picked another one up for that matter.

My overall conclusion of this magazine is, I think it is effective for the target audience but if it was me I would have applied a little more design and creative page layouts or maybe put something exciting to look at here and there, the cover was obviously effective as it pulled me in, but as I have mentioned before a little more creativity on the other pages and I would have read the whole magazine.


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