As an end to the magazine research stage I decided to look at why the most popular were so effective and have a look at different types like gaming or music magazines. As I will also having to design the covers for these magazines I decided to look specifically their covers. I will start with the Rolling Stones Magazine and why I think it is really effective because I feel as though in the music industry this magazine is one of the biggest if not is the biggest.

rolling 1

Here is a few of the many magazine covers that the Rolling Stones have published, the reasons for me picking these certain few have many reasons which I will go into, I will start with this one with Jimi Hendrix. A couple of reasons why I think the rolling stones magazine appeals to lots of people is because they use icons for their covers I think this is the main reason for making this magazine so popular. Here for example Jimi is extremely well-known as a legend is the music industry which would appeal to all guitar players and people from the 60s and 70s who listened to his music, he is a massive icon to many musicians and for this reason will make people pick this magazine up just because of the choice of imagery.

The style selected for their covers depends on the features in the magazines, I like how they used clean and soft colors almost like a rainbow which adds emphasis to the fact that Jimi was a hippy. I think that the covers are also very successful as they use powerful headlines like, “pot bust nation” and ” The marine that snapped”. Headlines like these will get anyone attention, they don’t have a minimal look about them or even uncluttered but it is put together well, It shows all the information needed to get the attention they want. The masthead is effective as it is recognised as a brand, the typographic style is very 70s music which in effective gives the music definition, the masthead is the magazines image and if they changed it, it could change the magazines popularity.

rolling 4

One other thing I like about the Rolling Stones magazine is that they can appeal to such a wide range of people, for example here they have Tupac, Tupac is a rapper and known throughout lots of generations for the impact he had on music, this gives the magazine appeal to not just rock fans but anyone, Rap is such a popular choice in music these days and in the 90s it was massive even going into the early 2000s but. it is still big nowadays and this is why a magazine cover like this would appeal to a wide range. People that wouldn’t even give this magazine a glance is now interested and would buy it. This shows hoe effective the imagery chosen on the front can be, also they have the powerful subtitles but here is a prime example of why this magazine is so effective.

rolling 3rolling 2

Here I have two examples and two different reasons on why this would be effective, having someone like Justin Bieber on the front of your magazine is going to make it appeal to the younger generations of teens that listen to his music, he has had such a massive influence on the younger generations and already they will buy something like this because of him been on the front. I know I wouldn’t buy it because of him but I would buy the other ones, I think this shows how the magazine appeals to such a wide range of people and this therefore makes it more popular which makes the covers so effective.

I think the other magazine cover would appeal to older adults as well as the younger generation who actually know who she is, as the women is slightly nude and looks stunning the older teens to young adults are going to give this magazine a look therefore again giving it more than one appeal to different groups. this is why I think the rolling stone magazines are so effective because the clearly think there image out to appeal to a wide range of people making it so popular and effective.

I have another popular music magazine I don’t think it is as well-known as the Rolling Stone magazine but it is effective for different reasons.

mojo cover 2 mojo cover 3 Mojo cover 1

Here is three examples of Mojos magazines covers. The style they went for is very different but I think they are so popular because there isn’t any of them aiming for a lot of people they go for the certain target audience of which there magazine is intended for. I think the designs are quirky and stand out which is different to lots of magazines out there at the moment so if I was looking through one of these would jump out at you. They do feature popular musicians but this is a good thing for the magazine because they aren’t to mainstream, the style is a lot like punk. I like them and I think the one in the middle is the most interesting to lot at. Another reason for them been effective is even if it’s not a magazine you would look at they are interesting, this would make people pick them up and consider reading about them. If I was to say the target audiences for this magazine I would say older teens young adults to musicians and I think I would be stop on with that. Is this an example of how effective doesn’t always go with mainstream.

After thinking about other popular magazines it has been brought to my attention that the target audience for my magazine would be influenced by music, TV, film and games, so this is somewhere I would have to look at their magazine and see why they are all effective and how different they are. As I have covered music I am going to look into popular magazine for the other factors as I will need to consider finding something in the middle of them all.


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