OXT77.cover.indd oxm


For this part I said I was going to look at other popular magazines, this time it would be about other subjects that interest students which is gaming, music and film. Here I have two covers of the popular OXM magazine, OXM is a gaming magazine for Microsofts Xbox gaming console, as the Xbox 360 was such a successful console this magazine was a big hitter, I think the masthead used for the magazine is why it came to quick success, the brand for Xbox is recognized right away because of the console so I think that helped. The masthead is really well done though because it fits perfectly on the magazine, but they also have the branded logo. They did have exclusive content inside which was a big hitter but for the suit of purpose the magazine cover is really good, the imagery chosen is really fit for purpose and you can see that the magazine is about gaming.

The fact that they use world exclusive will get them more sales as they use powerful subtitles like the music magazines, The type they use is also fit for purpose using the games that they feature to sell the magazine, I think many of these pointers I have shown are why this magazine is a popular choice, although I think the brand is the reason for the success early on.

gameinformer gameinformer2

I haven’t seen this magazine before as it is only based in the United States, but I can give many reasons for why this magazine is also popular, I will start with the masthead, I don’t really like the typographic style they have used but it will have become their brand identity, it does work well with the magazine cover though, with the inside of the type been hollow this will allow as you can see for it to fit to the cover imagery well, while been clearly shown and easy to read.

The choice of imagery I guess chose itself with it been a gaming magazine, one thing that I have noticed with Gameinformer though is they use more cartoon type imagery, They so use the right type of imagery and features, using the biggest game of the year for their cover is going to increase the chance of people buying the magazine. I think it is suitable for the purpose but I personally prefer the other gaming magazine but this is the biggest one in the USA, this means it must be doing it right, I think they achieve this from the right choice of imagery and features because they have the biggest features and a style that suits the industry intended for the choice of magazine.

ent mag 3 ent mag 2

Here I have an example of an entertainment magazine, I think you can get that from the name as it is fully a giveaway, that is good though when it comes to a magazine you don’t want people getting the wrong idea when it comes to buying a magazine. People like to know what they are buying right away and Entertainment Weekly is certainly not going to give you any mixed messages. I think they use the right photography from the cover I have seen, it’s clear and clean, also with the use of popular celebrities and catching subtitles they are going to drag you in to want to read, I think the main reason is people are generally curious as to whats going on.

To start with the choice of using the Twilight as a feature is going to drag people into find out whats going on, Twilight has such a big fan base they will be curious to find out whats going on behind the story, as following Jennifer Aniston’s life people who know who she is will be very interested to know whats happening. I think with the good choice of imagery and subtitles this magazine is already sold to people that are interested in celebrity news and so on.

I do think the magazine is designed well, it seems well proportioned and the layout isn’t messy there is only a few things I would change. The masthead is again very adaptable for the cover imagery and header story as you can see from the examples they have changed it. This is such a good asset to have as you won’t use the same cover image for every copy you publish. I like the type style they have chosen, it isn’t to modern but it isn’t classic styling, sans serif is massively popular at the moment and they use a mixture which provide for the younger generation as well as the more mature adults. I guess with this diversity they also added to the popularity of this magazine.

ent mag ent mag 4


Here is two other copy’s of the same magazine but I wanted to just mention with these separate from the others that, the first one has an example of he mixing typefaces and the one to the right is using the massively popular celebrities, and Robert Downey Jr is huge after the release of Iron Man, I did this to back up my argument which was mentioned on the other two versions above.

Empire Empire2


Here is examples of a filmography magazine, I think it is one of the most popular but it is certainly my favorite. I love the design with the masthead it pulls me in right away and also the way they change the layout depending on the main feature for example look at the Wolverine cover compared to the James Bond cover. The Skyfall cover is very minimal and classy showing the British style which is classy and clear, with it been about a British agent they kind of have to go for this style. Using another style for this would have given a completely different vibe, Here is an example of what I mean.

total film


I don’t think that the design is bad at all that isn’t the message I am trying to get across but the reason I am saying the vibe is different because this version gives you a more serious look and feel. This plays more on the fact of action of the MI6 agent which in my opinion is a very good asset also to play on. Back to the Empire Magazine I think that the clearness of the masthead is another good reason for why is it never mistaken for another magazine at distance but with the diversity of their covers they need it to always be clear. I absolutely love the typographic style they used here.


It is different creative but also clean, this gives it a new clean style yet holds the important integrity that it is a filmography magazine. They have a good choice with imagery as this is already self chosen as its is based on the biggest film they feature in that publication. But what I was saying about the masthead on these magazines is look at the Iron Man one compared to the Hellboy cover, they adapted the type by adding effects to give it depth and add something to the image, I works so well that it doesn’t even distort the text or make it unclear, The effects really do give it something. I don’t really have to mention why having huge films on the cover or well-known characters will give it more than one chance of been looked at.


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