To start off with I need a name for my magazine, I can’t move forward without a name so as a starting point I am going to brain storm ideas. Here is the photos of the brain storm that I did for the name.

storm Storm2


I started off with imagining things that are relevant to students and the things they are involved with. After that I started to single out names that I liked and thought were the best. I started with things that students use a lot, like computers. I also looked into trends students follow e.g. Clothing and music. Then I put more thought into the type of students this magazine will be published to, as this magazine is going to be published to Sheffield students, I needed to put thought into this as well. As you can see from the picture above I got things like city and street, but also gave a thought about silver as Sheffield is known as the silver city, because this is, and was a leading manufacturer for steel. I wanted to stay away from this as it’s following Sheffield’s heritage. Other students picked up on the heritage, I wanted something different and fresh.

I got the ideology, because the night before, I was researching for a previous project and the word popped up in my research. I thought this an interesting word, as it means where something originated from I was thinking that could be involved with the younger generations trends and so on. Also that I found it while researching, students do a lot of research for their courses, so it has relevance. For this idea you can see that I shortened the word to get the two names, this allowed me to see how the words sounded apart.

Another train of thought I had, was computers as students and young people usually use them all the time, I thought names like screen and this also has relevance to TV and film. With the name NIU it came to me from the abbreviation uni, for university which has relevance to the students of course, I thought as a name it couldn’t just stay like that so I changed the letters around and got the name NIU which would be pronounced like the word (new). I really liked this name as typographically there was ideas coming into my head and the new had a suitable fit for the trends part.

After narrowing the names down to three of which I liked best we was asked to present our chosen names to the class in order to receive feedback, and this would allow for us to see which of the names people thought was best fit for purpose. After receiving feedback they liked all the names but Screen and Ideo stood out the most, so this gave me something to think about for the chosen name.


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