I have chosen the name I am going to go with, I chose Ideo as to me it is different and something new and fresh. The next thing for me to do is start designing the masthead here are the examples of the pen to paper that I came up with.

20140608_214952 20140608_215005 20140608_215021 20140608_214809 20140608_21482920140608_214903 20140608_214923


Here is my initial drawings for the masthead, using the name Ideo I started to create drawing typographically and these are the outcomes I came out with but none of them took my fancy. A few of them I gave a second thought but one of them brought a thought into my head, this thought came from a previous project I had done which was using letter blocks as the objects they are. Instead of using them to print I took photographs of them stood showing the letter and then traced around the letter and added bits of color in. I will upload the examples from my my previous work which was a remake of the masthead for the OXM magazine.

20140609_012715 20140609_01274820140609_012731

Here is the examples of the masthead I was talking about, I no longer have the workings of when I was developing the masthead but I have the example of the finished outcome and what it looked like in perspective. I was really happy with this outcome when I did it and still am, I think it’s fit for purpose and suits the intended market of which this magazine is going into.

Back to the masthead so to try out this idea for my current magazine I needed to get hold of some letter blocks. After asking around I managed to get some letter blocks, I took the photographs of them,

20140514_102940 20140514_103011 20140514_103020 20140514_103030 20140514_103038 20140514_102710 20140514_102724 20140514_102733 20140514_102746 20140514_102757 20140514_102811 20140514_102820 20140514_102836 20140514_102858 20140514_102916 20140514_102928

Here is the photos of the letter blocks that I was going to use for the illustration, I did change my mind on using these but for a number of reasons. I had already done it before so I wanted to do something different, also this was something I could always fall back on. Also although these photos are of good quality and there is many options for creativity, when I had the letter blocks I decided to actually use the letters for print. I was really pleased with the outcomes and decided to go with these for my masthead and that is the main reason for me not continuing with the illustrated version. Here are the printed versions.

20140609_021545 20140609_021617 20140609_021636 20140609_021651

Here is the printed letter blocks I really like these outcomes I think they have an urban yet classic look, I used different techniques to achieve the different looks. I rolled them side to side, smudged them slightly and when they almost ran out of ink I did a series. I have a few favorites but the ones below are the best in my opinion.

chosen one

This is the one I have decided to go with for the masthead. I just think this has the best print quality and is already at the stage to be used for the masthead, I really like the raw look you get with none computer generated visuals, this is why I always use hand techniques first as you always get something of this quality. I do have pictures from when I was using the letter blocks. The next stage for me is to scan this into the computer and see how it will look in perspective.

piccy of working 2 piccy of working

Here are the two pictures I have demonstrating the use of the letter blocks for print.


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