After deciding on the name and masthead that I was going to use I had to start thinking about designing covers, after all the research I had done I was more than prepared to make a start in the magazine covers.



As a starting point I put my masthead into the computer scanner but I came across a few troubles, It was the first time I needed to scan something with high detail so at first I lost the grain from the printing technique. After advice from my tutors I managed to keep all the grain and texture with the masthead.

I wanted to use a picture that had relevance to the content inside the magazine and as I needed to do three features I did have enough to choose from. As Pulp is a huge band in Sheffield I thought it would only be right to use a picture of the lead singer, Jarvis Cocker. I did find this image of Jarvis through image searching as I wouldn’t be able to find my own version of this image because I wouldn’t be able to get a picture of him. Also although we needed to source the content for now, if this was industry we would be given the content and although I haven’t talked about the content yet I will when I get to the spreads.

I chose this image because I thought it was minimal and appealing, It has a vintage feel to it which will link well with the masthead but it still looks contemporary. I really wasn’t sure on what to do next for the magazine so I just tried out different things.




Here as you can see I added an illustration of which I created through illustrator, but this involves the spreads I was working on. But as this was a cool illustration and had good color I thought I would use it for a cover and I really liked the way it turned out. I think the effect it gave the page was different and something you don’t always see. The next part of the challenge was to add type and this can always be the most important part.



Here I was experimenting with type and I liked the addition of ” The Return of” as I think it give the cover something to think about and can be powerful. The type I added just below the masthead is still in work in progress but It’s something that needs to be considered but for now I will move onto the next cover and get them at the same level.

Here are some examples of when I was just looking to see how the masthead would sit on the images so these are very early stages and only experimental.

Untihhghgtled-1 01231 Untitljhjuuuued-1


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