Here is the start of the second cover, as I am also adding a movie review, I decided to go with the film feature as part of the cover. The review is going to be on the Captain America film which is why I decided on the shield, I think Captains Americas shield is the most recognizable part of the image so I thought this was the nest choice. I put the image and the masthead together to see how it looked in context but it seemed very empty, I then tried different colors as the background, but it was still boring. With having white on the other cover it just didn’t seem right to use it again, and I need more to the cover.


Here is the example of trying different colors I could have added them all but I ended up using gray, just in a different way.



Here is what I did to complete the image, all I have to do now is add title lines and so on, I think aesthetically it is much more pleasing to look at, the whole cover now is much more exciting, it doesn’t look as boring because much more is going on. I added a texture to the background using overlay. I added them together and use overlay options to get the effect through, the cover has much more texture and gives you the sense of metal, which is linked to the shield and armor. I need to start thinking about making my spreads and adding type to the covers.


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