As I am about to start the magazine spreads I need to choose the content I am going to put inside, I am aware that in industry we would be provided with content but as the brief asks us to provide something that is what I am going to do. The brief asks for one creative spread, one review/ interview spread and one alternative of our choice. I have already given this consideration and after some research I have found that, Pulp are a huge band in Sheffield and they are making a come back so I will use this for the interview review spread. I am going to use the review of Captain America as the alternative spread as it is something of our choice, I am also going to use Kid Acne for my creative spread.

Reasons for choosing these ones are, with Pulp they are massive in Sheffield and the magazine is for Sheffield College students, so this would be a good way to get the interview spread as they are making a comeback. I went with the film Captain America because as it is our choice, I though for a review I could do something with a film. Back in my research I said that to get younger adults and older teens interested you have to use something like gaming, film and music, I Said this because most successful magazines for younger adults  and older teens are film, music and gaming or at least contain some relating content. This is why I went for a film and although I covered the interview part I could also cover the review part with the alternative spread.

I chose Captain America as it is a recent film and I haven’t seen it so I would design the spread with a fresh view. I chose Kid Acne for the same reason I chose Pulp, he is massive in Sheffield as most of his work is shown around Sheffield. As a starting point I needed to find the content to put into the spreads, I remembered a while back I found an interview with the members of pulp, I came across this when I was researching current Sheffield magazines, the magazine was called Now Then. This magazine is an online magazine so after speaking to my tutor he said I could use the content as it wasn’t a current printed magazine. This meant I couldn’t be influenced by copying a current spread so it would be like redesigning content anyway.

I had the content for the Interview with the band, I now needed to fin reviews for the film and after research I found plenty of reviews of which I could use, they were also written by proper critics. For Kid Acne I am going to show his work and design a spread using information I have found online, also I am going to write about what he is doing currently.


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