A man who hasn’t always been well known for his music but rather for the sticker he put on his guitars is Woody Guthrie, Woody Guthrie is a singer song writer from the states, his music is seen as very influential to many well known artists such as Bob Dylan, Jeff Tweedy and Tom Paxton. His song are very political as well as having children’s songs he is mostly known for the the sticker.

File:Woody Guthrie 2.jpg

The sticker says “this machine kills fascists”. He put the sticker on his guitar in the 1943 and many have seen is as an influence against politics. Guthrie wrote the war song “Talking Hitlers‘s Head Off Blues”. This was printed in the Daily Worker newspaper. Then “In a fit of patriotism and faith in the impact of the song, he painted on his guitar THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS.” Guthrie’s idea was to fight against all the leaders causing hardship in the great depression taking money from the people and calling it slavery. He used it as away to show people with power that they weren’t invisible, saying they was like crooks. I guess this is one way of which you could say music has a huge influence on things and going against the politicians.

Another example of where music was used to send a message was with Margret Thatcher. When she died the song Ding Dong The Witch Is Dead, went to number one in the UK charts. She grew many enemies over the years with her time in parliament and her time as the Prime Minister, she privatized many state owned companies also she showed the workers unions that they have no power causing massive conflicts and maybe this is the reason the song was aimed at her.

Here I have someones opinion on musical influences in today’s modern cultures, The sub-cultures in today’s society are all based on what you watch on T.V., the clique you hang around, how you were raised, and the music you listen to. Everything you do has an effect on your personality; Living in a community with gangs, violence, and drugs might influence you to do the same. I don’t agree with the last part, people do get influenced but I think people have a strong enough mind to make their own decisions on whats right and wrong. Kids nowadays do judge people and make stereo types from the music they listen to and so on, maybe this is a bad thing but I think they work that why we have them.

One other thing I want to talk about is there is a song by The Stranglers, Its called No More Heroes. Here is the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg2np37JNEg . The song refers to the fact that there isn’t anymore musical heroes like Guthrie for example. He changed the times with his music and many others have but that is what they are referring to. At the moment the UK is a pretty safe place to live so we don’t need any heroes. The thing is that might be different for other places around the world like the Ukraine for example maybe they need musical heroes to help change peoples minds. This shows its effectiveness with what they are saying and they always have meaning. Nowadays musical influences aren’t as good for us as songs don’t have direct meaning, they just sing about anything and there isn’t a motive behind what they write. Maybe more musical heroes will come along at some point and push all the rubbish aside because its becoming harder to find the good from the bad. This is one part of many posts I will do about music.


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