For the next part of contextual studies we have been asked to direct our blogs in a particular way that interest us personally, I decided to go with music as music is something that I have always enjoyed. Music has such a wide array of things to talk about but to start off with I am going to talk about how music has influenced things such as styles and culture groups.

First off music created the punk style, In the early 70s punk was developed by bands playing music in garages and so on, trying to stay away from mainstream. Punks tend go against the normal by been different and not going by what the governments say or do, they are anti establishment. The style really took off during the 1970s with bands such as The Clash, Sex Pistols and Ramones, this emerged the new movement of rebellious youths and created to punk sub-culture. The music style Punk Rock then started to become Alternative Rock in the 1980s with its popularity growing. At first it was aimed to be aggressively modern distancing its self from the traditional stuff, a member of the Ramones said that people were getting sick of the likes of Jimi Hendrix soloing for hours on end until it went no where. The songs usually were very short and didn’t use many cords variations.

Bands like the Sex Pistols made a big impression with the songs Anarchy In The UK and God Save The Queen, They always caused controversy at there concerts that there was always trouble and mayhem. Here is a picture of them preforming at a concert.

The clash caused just as much controversy with there songs such as London calling and Police and Thieves, all songs around this age were aimed to go against the normal and instead of just going with it been different, that is why all of there songs were said to have meaning. The song Police and Thieves was a song about saying they are both the same there isn’t a difference. The Clash fueled the Punk movement massively during their active years. Here is one of their iconic album covers,


A more traditional band called the Kaiser Chiefs are a more modern day punk band they started in the year 2000 and are from Leeds the reason why I decided to talk about these is while been on the subject I wanted to talk about how their song in my opinion caused controversy and made a massive statement to how things were going. They created a song called I predict a riot which became very popular and made the statement that as along as things keep going the way they are they will be a riot. I don’t know if they thought it would take as long as it did but about 3 or 4 years ago there was massive riots in London and this was going against the governments and authority. I guess they was right but this punk movement really made a statement.

File:Kaiser Chiefs on stage.jpg

The Punk sub culture that came along with the Punk Rock music is very diverse to the way people act and the way they dress. The culture focuses on anti establishment and for people to have their own freedom. typically they dress in very strange styles and have crazy hair and so on. Here is some examples of punk subcultures.



The culture started in the USA, UK ans Australia. there is many examples of where punks became very rebellious and made huge impressions like going against riot police and burning flags.

File:Punks burning a flag.jpg

File:Punkertreffen 1984 - Ausschnitt.jpg

You can be a punk without the fashion or even the music, now it wasn’t made clear to me before because when I heard about punk artists I though’t it was someone using the style and fashion. The thing is you can be a punk anything real for example to be a punk artist what it means is, you are not qualified to do something yet you do it anyway and make a trade out of it. There are also lots of punk musicians they are not signed but they still do it making them a punk musician. I never knew this was the real meaning of punk and that is why it is going against the normal because they do it anyway even if they haven’t been trained, instead of following other usual jobs and the education they do it anyway breaking away from the rules.


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