I started with Kid Acne and I did find lots of work but his graffiti type is the most common, and in my opinion it is his best so I am going to base his spread around his typography. I did make some layouts using a grid system, these were just to get a feel for how they could be.

a1 d1 s1

I was just experimenting with these, I have decided that I am going to make complete creative spreads so they are all different from form, the reason for this is because more sophisticated magazines went for the minimal look following the same suit every page and I don’t think that this kind of magazine would appeal to students so I am going to do fully creative spreads. I think magazines that follow form every page are aimed for older adults that are more likely to be working and looking for information rather than something catching. The thing is with these spreads it shows how things can work in a grid, I am going to use the same grid but in a very different way. The next part is for me to start developing the spread.


Here is where I started, I used the Stick to the plan art because I thought this was a really powerful message, I really like his typographic style. I thought to extend the black to allow for the art work to integrate with the page, I used the duplicate to start with because I thought it had a real urban look and feel but when I was on the page it just looked messy. I then took the duplicate away and filled the rest of the image in with the blue wall. Here is the original image I used and edited.


Here is the cut out I made when I extended the black and cloned the wall all the way around, I like the way It turned out, now it is time for me to start the development to adding the content but I want to start working on the others to get the image right for as well.

Untitled-4 Untitled-3

Here is where I started with the Pulp spreads, I made the Pulp neon title using the imagery from the concert which you can see below, I used illustrators pen tool to achieve this and just changed the stroke and color. Once I added this in for the title I was really struggling to get ideas for my spread so I tried anything, I tried basic spread to cutting out full images. None of them worked for me and I was getting annoyed with not having any ideas so I did a little more research and came across this spread which influenced me.

What influenced me with this was the wavy black line with the images, I gave it ago to see what it could look like, but after a bit it just wasn’t the right style for the page, here is the examples from experimenting.

Untitled-6 Untitled-5


Here is the two spread because I had so much text I had to put it on two spreads which meant for me to have two full spreads, this wasn’t an issue because I could make them like a series. After a while of thinking I still wasn’t happy with this design, It came across as though a child could have done it so I scrapped the idea. I started to work with the neon lighting type as I thought this was the best part of the page, this is what  I came up with.

Untitled-8 Untitled-9

Here is the development for when I was using the neon strips, I liked the neon strips but it was still far to plain. I was still working within the grid system though, my next thought was to use a more urban take and after seeking advice from my tutor, I was asked to look up RayGun magazine spreads. The spreads were very urban and I liked them here are some examples.

I really like the urban paint look, and for this reason I thought to go more urban and more free but I wanted to go with my own style.


I started to develop this using the neon colors but getting in angles to make it feel more like a wall, I was starting to see improvement of my work and was starting to get a better idea of where to go with it. I decided against the neon strips and got rid of them and then brought in a grungy texture, I turned the opacity down and placed it behind the blocks to see the effect. I was really pleased with it and liked the outcome, I thought it was something different but I wanted a little more to look at. I then added a few little shapes here and there to give it some depth. Here is the examples.

Untitled-11 Untitled-12

Using the neon title still I think it completes the spreads background image, I am now going to start work on the Captain America Spread.


I wanted the spread to look like a movie poster, that’s the style I went for,so as I starting point I took the movie poster and through lots of editing I managed to get the image to how I wanted. As it was a double page spread I wanted the image to be landscape but I need space to put type and so on, so out of the images this is what I came up with.



This shows the merging of the images to get the correct size and space, The type I put on myself but I didn’t take a screenshot before this as I forgot so unfortunately I can’t show this process, I went and sourced a good font online and then applied it to my design, As the spread was a review I found the start rating and replicated this through the starts, It had 4 and just over half a start so I replicated this using my own starts which I created through illustrator. The next stage was for me to use the reviews I had ready to be written up.


Here is an example of me formatting the type and type boxes, I used the same type and the title because it worked even at the smaller sizes and It added to the movie poster effect. I am really pleased with how it started to come along, after adding the color from the first starts it was really starting to come together. I also move the starts around made sure everything fit into the grid and I am really pleased with my outcome.

Untitled-1 copy


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