Now I had finished one spread I had two more to finish off, Starting with the Kid Acne one, Untitled-17 Untitled-18


I still thought the cover image wasn’t exciting enough so I had to add something but I wasn’t sure what, After some thought the content I was putting in had questions in it, for this reason I decided to make this section called question time with Kid Acne. As it would be a sub-title it would have been wrong for me to use a usual font so I wanted to use Acne’s style of typography. For this I needed to take separate letters and create my own version, shown above.

After changing colors of text and style and form I am really pleased with the final spread.


I used Helvetica for the typeface, I think as a contemporary typeface it suits the spread really well from a design point of view. I like the image of his art work at the bottom right, I did have it as a square image but after received help from a tutor they gave me the idea to cut it out and allow it to integrate with the page. All of the content is within the grid guidelines, I am really pleased with the outcome and I think if I can pull off the last one, I will have three nice features.



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