I have researched into current recycling campaigns and what they do and how they work. It is nice to see campaigns out there and ill link a few websites at the end of this post. After looking through all the campaigns take a different approach to how they deal with the problem recycling. http://www.wiseuptowaste.org.uk/recycle I found this website which has an advertisement which explains what they want to achieve. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Jw7iLrdYwI There is the link to the video I really like the way they designed this video. You can tell its been properly made, I think it is effective by letting people know they can improve their own community by changing their own ways. I think if this was to be advertised on television it would be very effective, their website is also well set up.

http://www.recyclenow.com/ I also found this website which gives people information and help on recycling. It allows people to see where the closest recycling bank is and so on, they can also order a collection of recyclable waste they have collected. They also use the Reuse as well as the Reduce. I think this website is very good, I just don’t think it is put out there enough. They allow people to donate to charities and also instead of throwing out old furniture etc. they offer links to websites where they can sell all of there unwanted items. This is under the Reuse part most of the information under Recycle is just information e.g. where to recycle and how and why.

http://www.wastewatch.org.uk/pages/building-capacity-in-the-community.html this is another website I found, the link explains exactly what they do and who they work with. A lot of campaigns have partnerships so this is a good way in which I could use the Domestoes brand to promote. If this idea was going to get put into practice I could see how the website would work also. I think that the website could offer similar information guides and what the campaign does as well as what the aim is. This way you could put QR codes on the products and posters and ads etc. This would provide a direct link to the website for example.


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