I started to add type to the spread using the angles of which  I had set from the background image. everything throughout these spreads are 21.5 degrees on angle, I was getting the content on there as fast as I could but time was running out, I tried lots of different places but I couldn’t get it to look right so I asked for some advice. The advice I was given was make the type integrate with the page more like I did with the Review spread so I had a play around, and after a while I did achieve a good-looking spread. I am really pleased with how that turned out to.

PLUPPLUP1 copyplup chup1 copy

Here are the two spreads, I used the colors of the background to give some depth to the type, I also changed the type so it had more depth by changing the size and braking up the colors with black and blue. I used the Q for the questions to give it a little lift. this way the page looked more interactive, I also added the picture like I did the texture to give the page a little life and add more texture to this one. I chose a band member because they are a member of the band and it had relevance. I also thought that the page needed something to lift off so I gave it a title and used the purple lines to give it an underline this brought it out of the page more.I used the lines on the first page to give the images a border and the text a little more to look at as it was just stood plain and simple. I really think that these two pages are effective the next thing for me to do is finish off the magazine covers. I am running very sort on time and need to get it done.


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