To evaluate this project I am going to work alongside the brief to make sure that I hit the tasks asked of me. First of all I am pleased with my outcomes in a very short time I managed to come up with some really nice designs, I would like to next time allow myself to get into it earlier on as this will give me time for faults. I have reached the required elements for the brief I have handed in all of the outcomes which was asked of us as students.

I also think I have shown research well throughout the blog which is another task asked of the students, Recording my development and journey throughout the project has been achieved. Given more time I would have gone into more detail but I think that I have shown how I got the outcomes and the decisions I made during the project. I think I have produced client presentation visuals, this means I met another task asked of from the brief along with Evaluation which I am currently doing.

Self evaluation, I so think that my outcomes are professional, I will honestly say my blog could have done with a bit more work and maybe my writing ability. If I am going to talk about the visuals I have put up as a response I am proud of them my blog work could always come down to time if I managed it a little better but I think that it is something that becomes a work in progress. As a designer I think I have improved, I feel as though when I look at magazine spreads and so on, I think about how it could be made better even my own work.

If I was going to change anything it would maybe be cover two and put a bit more consideration into the imagery, I would have liked to make the art work fully my own work through illustration but the time given I think I handled it well and have achieved good solid outcomes.


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