When I was researching current recycling ads, I came across these two. I really like these as they really make you think and this is something I would like to achieve with my designs. Adding the personal touch with having known locations in London gives the image a whole new perspective to someone living there. Asserting the question as you, also gives it a personal touch, I also like the image used because it has been overfilled with rubbish, it makes you feel as though it is to late, as in will you start when it is too late everything is a waste land. Overall I think this is very effective and it is a good example of recycling advertising, there are to many bad examples out there, I was surprised to find this one. Recycling is a very hard subject to advertise but I hope my designs have the same effectiveness.

I also found these now I don’t think these are bad examples, I do think they work but they are not as effective as the other two. I think the reasons for this in my opinion are, there is no personal link, the designs are good but they are look similar to ones I have seen before. I like the quotes using the speech bubbles, also I think the “you and ya” do give you a slight link but not like the other two. The colors are very bright and I like this but sometimes maybe it needs darkening to make it serious. I know lots of people see things differently and that is why it is hard to make something that fits everyone.

Here I have examples of recycling advertisements that I think are typical and and common, they always use clip art imagery and not the best colors. I don’t think they are bad designs, but I think that they are very effective for the message. Recycling is becoming a bigger thing but we need to get more people on-board but I don’t think advertisements like this will do it. The thing is you need something that is effective and maybe gets people thinking like the other designs I was talking about earlier on this post. The Reduce Reuse and Recycle advertisement is very commonly used also, I have seen that same motto since I was a young child and I don’t think it has ever been very effective, it is like they need a whole new face lift.

This symbol is very commonly used in recycling, I think I have seen it on most recycling ads. It does show that it is recycling and I think the symbol works well as it has become recognizable and it is a decent design just maybe change the color to a different shade of green and remove the black line it will be really nice.


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