I have spent a lot of time looking into the involvement a company has on a recycling campaign. I needed to know if they just sponsored the campaign and get advertising out of it or if they actually helped in other ways. After some reading, I never actually found an explanation for this it seams as though every company is different. The company and campaign come to an agreement I guess with how much they want to get involved and how much they expect both ways. From what I’ve seen most of them just come down to sponsorship and advertising the company logo in some way. A lot of companies actually buy a partnership with the campaign if its an organisation or so on. With this they could either get extra perks or discounts and mentions etc.

I guess for the campaign I am building this will be something I have to think more about, grounding a big idea in reality is always a challenge but I think using the brand as a way of promoting adds to the reality of the idea working.

Another reason why campaigns like to get corporations involved is because governments listen to corporations, rather than not listening to the people. Also lobbying is another massive part of this and that’s also why campaigns try their best to get them involved. This project is about changing city wide behaviour through the power of branding. I think that as I have an appropriate brand to the aim of the campaign there isn’t much else apart from advertising it. If this was to be put into practice on the other hand then things would be very different.


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