After a long talk with my tutor we decided that the Unilever brief was the right one for my idea, the Al Gore brief was focused on climate change only. The Al Gore brief fit most of the other criteria with my idea but the climate change was the main part and didn’t suit the plan I was going for. We then looked at the Unilever brief and my idea worked with it, it could make better health and well being, reducing environmental impact and enhancing livelihoods.

Looking at the solutions it also works in many ways, it can make better housing, lowering waste, better healthcare and a working community. When I said it can be changed in many ways it is really quite diverse. As the brief is about city change for example a city council could invest in this making money themselves which in turn could increase jobs, housing and better services. Even if big companies or the governments were to invest, they could set up a system which allows councils to get extra money if they reach their target recycling and lose if they fall short. This way it would have a massive impact and they could do schemes.

There is also a part of the brief that says considerations, I think I have considered that it is a big ambition but I think I have clearly grounded it in reality and shown how it could work the next step for me is to choose the city and explain why and show how I am going to start to build up the campaign.


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