My first idea was recycling and waste, I suddenly got this idea for a system where the public would get a reward for recycling. I thought this was a great idea because there is no better way to get people to change than with an incentive. The incentive was simple money back off shopping, this way you could involve supermarkets. At first I thought well even the supermarket can make money for selling all the metal and plastic etc. This would mean that they don’t lose money.

I started to think about my idea on a larger scale, this comes away from the advertising part but it was an idea. Large companies or even governments could invest in the equipment needed for this, what would happen is the customer would collect the bottles, boxes and cans etc. Then scan the bar code using the smartphone app or machine in store, they would then deposit them in store to collect the voucher and get money back off the shopping.

The supermarket or company would then be able to sell the collected plastic and so on, and make money that way. If the recycling becomes extremely popular like in Sweden for example they could then import rubbish from other countries for money. In a way you could say that nobody loses money with this solution. I liked this idea as it was very well thought out, and there is lots of ways it can be changed, now I need to see how well my idea goes with  the briefs because I may have to change the idea.


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