After some time reading through the briefs I decided on two that I will take a closer look at and discuss with my tutor. The first briefs is by Unilever, this brief is about changing city wide behavior through the power of brand advertising. We are asked to pick one of three brands and one of three subjects to use for our advertising. The three brands are

  • Domestos
  • PG tips
  • Ben and Jerry’s

the three subjects are

  • Health and well-being
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Enhancing livelihoods

We can chose the city but it has to be a mega city and explain why we have chosen that certain city. The advertising has to create last behavior changes for one of the subjects.

The second brief is by WPP working with Al Gore, This brief is specifically on global warming. We have to create a campaign that not only makes people accept that there is a problem but makes them do something about it. As an added benefit the best one will be shown to Al Gore and maybe put into production.

The next stage for me is to consult my tutor and start building a profile of ideas and see which one best suits the briefs and so on.


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