After I finished my typography and finalized the design for printing, I decided to print double-sided as earlier that day some other people had successful double-sided print. I added a bleed to my work to be sure that there wouldn’t be an alignment issue but you never know when it comes to printing. I printed it and was pleased with it I constructed the wallet and placed the cards inside. Changes I would make It came to my attention that there is spelling mistakes, but that day I didn’t have the money to print it again so for the PDF version I submitted, I changed the mistakes I noticed but If I made that mistake in the industry that would have come out of my own pocket so next time I will ensure I have it prove read by others and spell checked through and through. I would also allow a bigger bleed and the text was only just slightly off due to the printer been off by a couple of millimetres.

The reason I made a couple of mistakes was simply because I was in too much of a rush as I left things late, Next time I will make my time management improve, I need to set myself target deadlines to stop this happening again. I am very pleased with my design I have also had good feedback from others and staff about the design so I couldn’t be more pleased about that there is just a few things I would change for example the spelling. Also I think that I should have put bigger lips on it so that the sticking it together wasn’t only easier but was a stronger hold. Apart from the few problems I have had I am pleased with my outcome and would show it. I so feel as though it is fit for purpose, I also think that the client would be pleased with what I have made, I could image it been I’m a magazine with a nicely designed page showing customs with an urban design. I also think that it wouldn’t cost to much to print as it is three sheets of card where as it could have been more, I guess it is also cost-effective and I think I have fulfilled the requirements of the brief and the tasks set to me. I have explored themes and ideas but after consideration I feel as though I chose the best path to go down.

I have enjoyed working on this project as I did on part one, I feel as though I did explore many different techniques when It came to part one but I would have experimented with more traditional techniques if possible I did have ideas but I didn’t get the time to do them, I am pleased with the portfolio I have handed in I feel as though I have shown good computer based skills and experimenting with new things stepping out of my comfort zone, I also like the designs in my portfolio but once again time is my biggest enemy and I will improve this and as always I will look forward to starting the new projects.


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