I had ideas for imagery for the front of the cards, I decided to start with the imagery on the front of the card first as I thought this would be the part that I had to get right the most. I understand that every part is just as is important as the rest but I felt as though I should tackle this bit first. My idea for the front of the cards going back to ideas was x-ray although I wasn’t going to do the window, I still wanted to get this x-ray effect but before I could start I wasn’t sure how to start making an x-ray effect through Photoshop I had an idea to start by inverting the colors on the image but this wouldn’t work on every image so I went looking for help. I came across this tutorial that would help me get the x-ray look and it worked very well I am very pleased with the imagery I attained from this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52zJzVcrcf0 This is the link to the Video of which I used for the help.


This was my first attempt at recreating the x-ray effect and I think it worked really well I am going to use more images and create this effect to start making imagery.

Lipstickpigeon Tropical-Fish Mr potato Mr  pot..


I started finding a glow on some of the images but I just selected the area and then inverted and deleted anything that wasn’t wanted, I had to change some of them because they didn’t work so well like the first Mr potato head but after a while I ended up with lots of nice imagery.



The bottle one I liked very much but it didn’t work so well on the cards It just didn’t look right so I had to change it, when I first started making the cards using Photoshop I had these masks instead of the money but people were mistaking them for gnomes so I had to change them and went for the £100.000 bill and I think it paid off It looks much better than the masks did.

My next job was to start creating the template in Indesign the reason why I was using Indesign is simply I am going to use it to bring the whole design together this will make printing easier.



I started to make the layout but at first I needed to change Indesigns size measurements to millimetres as this is the easiest way of ensuring I have the correct size for my template. I forgot to mention before I am going to have the whole thing in size A6 the wallet and cards the standard postcard size. This way with it been in millimetres I could also make the correct size when it comes to the sides and lip to make sure I have the right depth so the cards don’t fall out and they can fit in snug. If I remember correctly it was 2 mill I needed to double-sided printing but I am going to use 4 mill for single sided and sticking for now as I know I can trust it. I ensured everything was the right size and measurements, this means that the template is ready the cards are easy enough to create as they are simply A6 in size.

After the template I got the front of the cards as finished as I thought possible here are the images of the fronts. I played around with the images I had from the using the x-ray effect I also took changed some of the imagery to get where I am now I feel as though they look good and I will use these as the front of the cards. I  did ask peers for advice and they mostly agreed they look good they said a little plain atm though without the wallet or backs so the next stage with be to design the backs. Here is the cards though,

Card1 Card2 Card3 Card4 Card5 Card6


I did change some of them from the original images at first because they didn’t work so well like the first Mr potato head and the skeleton, I’m happy with the way they look now I played around with the position as well to make them look a little better placed.

Designing the Cards Back,

As I was just having type on the backs I thought that I couldn’t keep the card a plain black color like the fronts or else that would look to plain so the next part was to design the back.


This is the back that I’m going to use for the cards, To create this I took a plain black background and then overlayed the grungy texture using Photoshop then I used the gradient tool to added the blue shadows this way I got the mix of colors. I like the urban grungy look I achieved with this as I linked in Laz Marquez’s work I really like urban feel and look which is what I am incorporating into my work. There is the image I used for the overlay at first I did take the color out of it so I could use it and color it in the overlay.

All that was left was to start designing the wallet I started with the front, As a starting point and because I was so pleased with it I used the back as a base for the wallet.

Holder Front

This is the holder front and I will go through how I achieved this, At first my idea was to use the stamp/ serious idea and as it was based on Customs where better to start than with the customs logo. I tool the Customs logo and used various select tools to erase the parts I didn’t want and plainly colored it black. I placed it on top of the Grungy texture. As the front this was finished for me and the title for my 15 minutes of fame was Nothing to Declare I used that for the stamp. I used Photoshop brushes for this, At first I did try to download free fonts that maybe could work but after trying various ones they didn’t look right. I went to PS and took a very serious typeface which happened to be Impact as it worked best. I then added a border and using the brushes I erased the edges to make it look stamped and grungy. I took a dry brush set made it a lot bigger to get the jagged edge, at first is was the color red but I was advised by staff to change it to something lighter like a green as that means something good. I didn’t go for green as It was too hard to see but yellow worked really well so I used yellow.

type title


This is what it looked like at first.

Designing the back of the cards wasn’t really tricky I had a really good idea to make it look like a passport I wasn’t sure were to start but I had to start somewhere so at first looked at the English passports and the way they looked, I still wanted the stamp style so I went for the logo on the front of the passport. I tried to cut it out but it would have taken hours upon hours so I started to explore different overlay methods with it. In the end I found a good over lay which was hard light.

Holder bkkkkkk2 Untitled-1


Overlay was harder to see than soft light which is shown in the first one so I went for the hard light which worked rather well. To be honest I didn’t think it would work this well but I had one problem the fact that it was on its side and centre so I changed it around and this is what I am going for on the package.

Holder bk1Untitlewerwerwerwerwerd-1


I brought the color levels up using the curves this was simply to bring the brightness up for printing as we see it brighter on-screen.

For the sides and the lips I just used a part of the background to keep it all together,

side a up1


Now it was time to bring it together in Indesign, I am going to put them through but keep them editable so I can always go back and change them if  I need to.



This shows how It came together in the template and I am very pleased with it and I can’t wait to see what it’s like when it comes out printed.

I also put in the cards and started to add the type, I got all the chosen extras that I wanted to add and all the information I needed and put it in Indesign. I went for a sans-serif typeface Helvetica Nunu light and bold to give it a little hierarchy but I mainly when for sans-serif because it goes better with urban the stamp the authority is the word I have been looking for. And this is also when I would get my serious feeling from, After adding the type in and aligned it all up the feeling wasn’t right. The design looked to boring and would make it no fun to read, after seeking advice for a tutor I added more hierarchy  to it, so that this way I was advised on using different angles and sizes.

sssss Untitled-1

Here I am showing them coming together in Indesign I played around with the position of the type until I got it right I received feedback from tutors as well and now I think I have the design finished. I have to get it ready for printing, I changed the resolution down to 150 from 300 this saves file size been to big and it is more than enough for printing.





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