Fear1 Fear flattened

Here are my two outcomes for the photomontage for fear, I Like the way they turned out I think that they communicated fear in a different way compared to phobias but after looking at traditional movie posts as they are a favourite of mine I wanted to make something interesting.

Untitled-1 ssssss

Here I am showing how I took a usual picture of a grim reaper as they are seen to be associated with death and a lot of people are scared of death. I took all of the color out of the image added a color overlay of this gray and made it a silhouette, I used the selection tool to remove the parts of the whole image that I didn’t want. once I had done this I took a forest picture but took all of the colour out and made it a grey contrast. I used this because as a kid growing up in the books and movies going into a forest at night or if it is dark ends badly meaning people get scared causing them to fear them. Once both images were merged together and looked good I started to add the overlay I took a simple fire image and then used it as an overlay I played around with the contrast until I felt that the image was right.

sssddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

Here it shows the overlaid layer from the fire and the hue and saturation levels I was changing to get the image right after some experiments I found that after bringing the black and white levels of the image up and changing the Hue it gave the image a really good effect. That is where I got the dark purple look from to make it look old but yet like it is in the moon light.

eplosion upclose planet edit

Here is my two outcomes for the Photoshop work, working on the word energy this is where I used the idea of a ball of energy or and orb. For this I was looking around places for a while thinking of ideas then I cam across a YouTube video explaining how to create this planet explosion and I decided that was the right thing for me. This was my version from the video, I also thought that with energy there is a huge link with explosions as well but I wanted to focus on the orbs and balls of energy.


This is the link to the video I really think mine turned out well.

Snowboarding Midair

When I was looking at movement and I had seen this one showing the past movements through imagery and wanted to do something similar through Photoshop but I did not know where to start so I decided to check YouTube and this was my outcome. I am pleased with it I think that it looks good better than I thought and works.


Here is the link I followed I took a different from what he uses on the video as I really wanted something like snowboarding but I think this one definitely shows the communication visually of movement.


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