energy2 photo rage dogs..... fearphoto


Here are the photos I got for the photography I like for stepping out of my comfort zone on this one I didn’t  do to bad, this was the first time I had ever tried to do photography work me and my girlfriend went out with the camera to capture some images by the end we got loads after going through them I chose these three and edited them through Photoshop slightly and I like the way they turned out.

My favourite is the one of the dogs I think It communicates Rage very well I like what I did to the contrast on this one, I went for the spider fear again for the phobias as I had taken this picture just when it when dark so I got a macro shot, I like the fact it is all dark because it  shows dark scary places and then there is a spider web but where’s the spider. I think that the reason you wonder where it is means it could be anywhere leaving a question of fear.

I used the power station picture to show energy as power was the best way to communicate the specific energy as a picture. I love the way this picture turned out I think it worked well taken from distance as it shows the pollution and smoke left behind by the station, also I think the colors on this image are different as it was taken just before dark. I did test these photographs on peers and in the end everyone guess right so I’m pleased to say they turned out nicely.

vis com cover2 vis com cover

These are the two covers I designed to go in my portfolio I also put together the pages in order so that they would be organised nicely and not look a mess but one of these will be the cover I put these together using Photoshop, I am going to create the portfolio in Adobe Indesign and make a PDF out of it.



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