At first I started thinking of things that people don’t always think of right away but are always there to help or make your day better. The ideas I had come up with was Dog, Car, Airport and Phone. Here is the ideas sheet I was using to refine my Ideas.

20131226_144947 1

After this I thought that the phone was to common the car idea would just be a rolling book of symbols and the dog idea was more on the day in a life of. Taking this in to consideration I decided it was best for me to go for security in airports and the interesting stuff they find. After talking to staff and peers I refined my idea more so I could focus on the important things and rather than just have security for one airport it could be Customs in general.

After my idea come to Customs my ideas were so much better I was already thinking of imagery and concepts and ideas for my research I just needed to think more about the package how it would come and the design of it.

20131226_150037 20131226_150052 1

Here are the two pages of drawing I made to think of ideas for my packages. I did explore different types but I had to think of the difficulty to make and the function, After some consideration I decided to go with the card holder with cards that slide out. My first thought was to have a window in the wallet so that it was though the carded had been through an x ray revealing the product of which then you could turn over the card and read more about it. I went over this idea a few times but I then realised that would mean lots of cards for one item as it would be one card one item.

I went on to remove the idea of the window but started designing a layout and template for the packet. When I was making templates I thought about adding lips to the end of the cards so that they would be pulled out in the correct order, I didn’t go through with this because my idea was just to do them in groups e.g. Weapons, Drugs and postel and so on, and so I would have imagery on the front and type on the back. With it this way I can have them read in any order, here are the templates I started drawing to get an idea of how it would be.


When making the layout I had to take the cards thickness into consideration and it would have some added depth so I had to take into account the size of the cards together. I decided on 6 cards and because of this I went into the printing room and asked to see six pieces of card so I could measure the size. 3 cards were 1 mill back to back printing or if I was going to print one side and stick It would be double.  Mine would be 2 mill as I was going to do double sided printing I was aware there could be alignment issues. The next step for me is to research I have my idea I just need to get my information and start designing.


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