I decided to start with rage I had ideas but I wanted to look into it, In my eyes rage is an out burst of anger turning to aggression, as a starting point I had a look at the definition of rage to understand the true definition as I looked at rage I thought to have a look at the others and take note while I was reading. The definition of rage,

Noun, violent uncontrollable anger ” her face was distorted with rage”. A vehement desire or passion “a rage for absolute honesty informs much western art”.

Verb, feel or express violent uncontrollable anger “he raged at the futility of it all”. Some places perceive it differently, go out and enjoy oneself socially “get ready to rage”.

The definition of fear,

Noun, an unpleasant emotion caused by the threat of danger, pain, or harm. “I cowered in fear as the bullets flew pasted me”.

Verb, be afraid of (someone or something) as likely to be dangerous, painful, or harmful. “I hated him but didn’t fear him anymore”.

The definition of energy,

Noun, the strength and vitality required for sustained physical or mental activity. “the changed levels of vitamins can affect energy levels and well-been”. Power derived from the utilization of physical or chemical resources, especially to provide light and heat or to work machines “nuclear energy”.

The definition of movement,

Noun, an act of moving “a slight movement of the body”. A group of people working together to advance their shared political, social, or artistic ideas. “the labour movement”.

At first I would like to point out that I didn’t even consider the movement of an organization so it just shows that it’s always good to do the primary research.

As I started to look at Rage first I typed rage into an image search to see how others perceive rage.

590px-Rage_Anarchy_Edition_Trailer_Pre-Order_(HD_720p) Anger-Rage-Photo-01 iron-fist Rage..........

The first one is from a game title but I think this one is a good one as it shows the smash from violence and it is a nice piece of work, after looking through a few images I noticed they had mostly a fist raised or the angry face expression show with the man and the baby. I took this vector based fist as I liked it and as I was going to look at vector work it was a good way to start with imagery.

From what I have seen and my perception of rage it is smashing something up through been full of rage and anger and this is where the violence part comes from. as of this is started to look at fists and punching.

bigstock_Fist_Breaking_Wall_2902094 fist punch images punching-through

I found these nice images, after looking through some art work I thought I would have ago at doing a vector based fist punching through a wall and this was going to be a starting point for me. Here there is some nice vector art and some really nice photography.

dddfsdfsdf sdfsdfsdf

I started by taking images like this and drawing up a wall that had been smashed in illustrator using the pen tool. I then did the same building up the imagery of a fist.

prit1prit 2

I liked the way the imagery was coming on at the time I didn’t have any color on it so I though about what kind of colors was associated with rage. I found that the most associated colors were black and red so I decided to start adding color I didn’t want it to be to in your face though, this is why I only used a little by coloring in the bricks. Once I had drawn the bricks I did have a problem with the angles of some of them using the Direct selection tool I fixed the perspective of each brick until it looked correct.

This was my finished design for the vector art and I was pleased with it, I like the look and the style I think it was communicating rage well. To be sure I asked peers for guidance and their opinion they liked the look and when asked what they thought it communicated they all said rage of which I was very pleased with. For me this was finished for my rage vector based, to me it communicated rage as it shows violence, smash, rage and anger through the clenched fist and the colors that were used.

Next I took a look at the fear, after some research I found that phobias were almost at the top of the list I decided to with the fear of spiders as this is one of the most common phobias. I started to look at imagery to do with fear and spiders.uppsala-sweden-psychology-study-erasing-fear-5 fear fear2

From the imagery I got about fear I get the impression of hiding away from what scares us I really like the imagery I found for this I thought that these kind of images really send a message across.

spider Spider_web_with_dew_drops04 waiting_spider_web Spider (1)

These photos are really good they are really clear, I also had a look at spider webs as they are the main thing with spiders. I am definitely going for spiders as they are seen as scary and feared by most. I think spiders communicate fear better than anything because people might just see the other ones as someone been sad.

I tool the same principle for the spider vector as I did for rage with drawing something up using the imagery I have used.

lklk1 dddddd

Here it shows me using the pen tool to start building up the spider I used a heavier line to get a thinker feel as I wanted it to be bigger, not seen as a small thin spider because they are not feared as much as big ones. Also here it shows how I copied the layer to start building up a shadow to give it a little more depth.

Untitled-1 Untitlesssd-1

Here it shows the building of the web I used a 5 pt with a 1 pt stroke, but I changed the brush definition so it would look more authentic, this is my final vector based one for fear. I do feel as though this communicates fear well as it is aimed at phobias and when asked peers and teachers guess fear after thinking about spiders and phobias so it shows it works well. I like it I just with there was a little more I could have added in color but it didn’t work very well as it was just a spider. I do like minimalist work so I think this one shows the point in a minimalist kind of way.

Movement after reading the definition of movement and meaning something moving I took this onboard with my idea. I think that the idea of the organization moving is interesting but not what I’m looking for when it comes to visual communication. With this one I felt a bit of freedom, by this I mean as it could be anything that moves I could decide what to use as it was or could be anything that moves. At first I was thinking about atoms moving and showing this in a way but I wanted to do something a bit more interesting to me. I had a look at images of movement first to see what there was.

download Figure 7_chronophoto2 Movement_photography_Panning_a_camera_tips_action_photography_DCM117.shoot_core.core_opener Vibration-(Metallic-Movement)

I also had a look at the photography side to this as It was something I would be doing later, I really love these the first image is really cool I love using silhouettes and I think it works really well with the word it was associated with. The one of the person/ people moving is really interesting when it comes to photography as well as the car one. I like the way it’s only focused on the car as it shows the movement of the car giving us a sense of speed because of the blur, I feel as though the last one works well as it is showing the movement of liquids almost. I think the color is a little to plain but the image works really well. As I had freedom I was going to go with cars as I love cars and I had ideas with showing the movement with vector.

Unsstitled-1 Untitled-1 Untitleeeed-1

Here it shows my development work to show how I got to the final imagery, I used the idea as for the other two but this time I took a picture of a nice car then drew it out using a normal pen but with a red fill to give the image color, once this was done I used black to outline some parts of the car and to show a little more detail. This would make it a little more interesting, all I did here was used the pen tool with fills and just a normal thin stroke with a black line. My idea to show the movement was to put on each parts of the car line to show how it is moving this idea came from seeing images with long exposure. I think out of vectors this is my favourite and It also works well, proved by testing peers as to what it was communicating they guesses right. Once again it is minimal but looks nice and is easy on the eye.

Energy, energy to me is about electrical power or nuclear or green power. I understand the links with brains and mental activity but I after looking for images associated to energy it wasn’t that common so I went for the idea with usual electrical energy. I have noticed with energy there is a strong link with movement but I know the ideas I have are completely different.

Energy_ball2 images (1) images (2) Blue_energy-blog download Lightning_over_Oradea_Romania_zoom

Here I have some of the imagery I found from the energy search, I noticed that power energy was the biggest here as there were more common power energy ones. I am going to use electrical energy for my vector one but when it comes to my photo-montage I am going to use the energy orb/ball idea. I was aware that green energy was a big one here also but In my opinion sparks and electrical energy were the best way of communicating energy.


Here this shows my way through the energy imagery, If I could change anything on the development I would have taken more screen shots and explained it in a little more detail. Here I started with a wire that was broken and sparking. After drawing it out I added some color but I though it didn’t communicate the energy visually enough so I added the spark in, I chose light blue as sometimes know as a more electric blue. Blue is the color referred to when it comes to electric. I think this one communicates energy well as it is known mostly for power and this follows the same idea with electricity. My peers also agreed on energy when it come to testing this one. I like the way my vector based entries turned out but I think that without the others in my portfolio they would be seen as to plain.


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