We have to know and understand the original painting and the way they work to first understand new photography and paintings. We have to see photos and paintings in a different way, if we just see it as a good photo or painting that is all we will ever see. We have to start to have the ability to read the imagery, look at whats in the image understand whats happening and take in the situation they photographer would have been in. Cropping a photo can change the whole photo giving it a different meaning and understanding, it can make a photo mean the complete opposite to the intention or the situation where it was taken. News papers and magazines use this all the time when it comes to celebrities, all as they are looking for is attention.

Copping eample

Here is an example of how cropping a photo can change the whole meaning.

Tom Hunter, is a British born artist. His work is mainly photography based he studied at the London College of Printing, he is based in London and has received awards for his work. His work is well-known for making a modern photography version of an original painting. He uses the same idea and aspect for the photos in every way possible from the original painting ill show some examples.

tom_hunter_pwpwp Tom hunter paining orig Tomhunter the WAy home

I like the way he works, he takes what someone else has done but recreates it. It really turns out well he shows the idea behind it in relation to the original painting, he really paid attention to detail right from the scenery to the pose the lady is in. He also adds the emotion in his work he gives it the same feeling, it is no surprise that he is successful I really like his style it is very very effective.

Sally Mann, is an American Photographer her style is very distinctive i haven’t seen much like it before she gives mixed impressions throughout her photos they look old and grungy, its like she trying to show decay to death or a very serious persona. At first her pictures were based upon her children and then later on moved to landscape and decay they all are in black and white I guess it gives it the dark serious feel you get when you look at her work. I guess that’s what all her work is about her are some examples.

Sally MANN1 Sally mann 2

This is what I mean you get a very dark feel almost looks like they are in a war-time. The one on the left you get a feeling that she is trying to show how different children can be. Personally I got the impression she was tying to show how different classes of people were yet they are all her children. I guess a photo can be however you see it as long as you read it right. The one on the right really sends out a message because although it’s a candy stick with the way she’s holding the candy it looks like she is a smoker give us a sense of disgust.  A child that smokes is seen as very bad so I guess it does give a really powerful message it’s almost as though the little girl is trying to act all grown up. I like Sally Mann’s style it’s just not my style although I can read it and it is very interesting to look at.

Sally mann l1 Sally mann l2 Sally mann l3

Here is some examples of her land scape work, It is very dark someone could relate it too fear and darkness, in a way it is creepy and I guess that’s what makes her work unique It is all its own. I do like it though the more and more you look at it the more you come to admire it. I don’t think it’s anything you could have on your house wall unless you had a very dark themed room because it could give it a very strange effect. I really like the tree photo they all give you a sense of isolation but I ‘m not sure in a way why it is I like the tree one.

Annie Leibovitz, I had a look into her work I’ll show  some examples of her work I like the illustration feel you get from her work I won’t go into too much detail but her work In my opinion is very nice and very different from Sally Mann’s this is the kind of work you would have on your wall. Also there was a mention of Hiroshi Sugimoto his work is very interesting the way he creates his photographs but these three were y favourite.

Here are the examples of Annie’s work I was talking about.

Annie Annie 2


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