Classic Architecture was started by the Greeks it has existed since the Carolingian Renaissance It was started by the Greeks and the romans have used principals of the style in there architecture. You have Doric, which is like a bowl and Ionic, crazy eyes and Corinthian, is swirls with flowers. that’s one of the differences, the difference in Greek and Roman is Domes and Arches.

Greek 1 Roman 1

Monsal Dale bridge in Derbyshire is a copy of the Romans architecture. I live near Monsal Dale so I have seen this bridge since I was a kid. I had ever even thought that this was Roman in anyway but I guess we live around these things all our life and never understand our surroundings.

Monsal d Monsal D 1

Baroque 17th century, they do things similar but they have bigger swirls when it comes to styling, the outside and inside of the building are similar.

Baraoque baraoque2 Baraoque3

The Baroque style in my opinion is the most interesting I think the crazy look they took is just different to every thing else at the time, it is so in your face but some how they managed to justify the way there style worked. It fit in well with the Baroque music at the time and most other Baroque things of that time maybe this is why it fit in so well.

Rococo Is a girly version of Baroque using lighter colour it was often seen as more playful and artificial.

rococo1 rococo2

After Rococo there was Neo Classical this is where it gets rationality back and it was a lot more serious again.

Neo SO000736

As you can tell Neo CLassical is a lot more serious again I prefer this way of Architecture more than the Baroque and Rococo. It seems that they didn’t take things in a serious way when you see other methods of architecture.

Aljurt Speer is a German architect who design buildings to ruin beautifully. When he came to design the buildings he designed them to look beautiful after they ruin, I think this is an interesting way of thinking about architecture but the thing is why not build something that is built to last and not have a chance to ruin but I like the way he thought , It was different to other methods of the times this is why he is known now. He was Adolf Hitlers main architect during World War 2.

Albert Albert2

Art Nouveau was a gothic style using light and tall glass buildings there style was starting to go back into the strange forms but they wanted to make good use of light. In the 1900s they designed buildings after organic draw things.

Art nu Art nu1

Art Deco organic gone machines come in, this is the way they designed many buildings in this period. Then they look architectural, sometimes they look Egyptian inside because of getting to street level was done in stages.

Art deco Art deco2 Art deco 3


Modernist In my opinion is the best one I love the styling It is new and fresh it looks modern as I love tech I really like the style.

Mod arc Mod arcc mod arccc


Past Modern is very quirky but is fun to look at but in my opinion it is very silly and strange I don’t mind some of it but then you have the very un serious building which don’t fit form for purpose. I do like some of them it’s not like I don’t like them all just the crazy ones. But it does look good and I suppose everywhere needs something to brighten the place up so I like it for the attraction it keeps things looking different from the rest.

pm pm1 pm3


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