In this post I will be talking about colors and the meanings colors give. Red is the most powerful color, things people relate to red are danger, anger, blood, stop, hot, love, sex and Revolution. Also there is a military aspect to the color red, nowadays people wouldn’t wear red in the army as for another sniper it would mean you could get shot to easily. Back when it was about standing your line and charging in though it was a stronger color because the color red advances, It’s as though it would come towards your eyes. So imagine that you have a lot of people in red running at you, the chance that you would just stand there and run back is quite slim. That is why back then they used to use red for the military uniforms as it was a stronger color.

Orange is a youthful color also it is related with autumn, orange does advance but not as much as red. Orange is a comfortable color.

Yellow is related with the sun, flowers, spring, easter and is related to very young children like babies. Same again yellow advances but less than orange therefore it’s like as you go down the colors they get less and less advancing. It is border line really because it can retract if it’s a cold yellow getting more into green so yellow is a very border line color.

Green is a color we can relate to grass, peace, nature and neutral balances. Green retracts but it is the colour in the middle, nature is good green trees and grass is the place we find comfortable, that is why our eyes are more sensitive to green than any other color. Green can be both though

Blue is related with the sea, sky, water, ice and heaven. Blue retracts, It can make you calm but mostly cool. You can go from warm to feeling cool or cold the same aspect for red but it works the opposite way. Blue can also be seen as a spiritual color as it’s connected with heaven, it is also known to be worn by religious and royalty leaders. Blue was seen as expensive as it was a rare colour, it was found through mining for stone they came across this blue rock, The intense color of blue was very popular and later on was transported to europe where it would then be ground into powder. It was used by the Renaissance and Baroque artists. Blue is also the color of Conservative authority, it connects us to infinite.

File:Lapis lazuli block.jpgFile:Natural ultramarine pigment.jpg

Here is a polished block of Lapis Lazuli and the ground up version which is then known as ultramarine.

Indigo, indigo is a sensual color, used for love and it is a color often associated with pimps and sexual reference. It is a color of which retracts.

Violet is a color that advances it is like the indigo when it comes to the other aspects.

White Is pure some of all colors. Clean, hygiene, kitchen, chef whites, angel and light. These are all words associated with white.

Black is classy expensive, the occult.

Pink is the same as orange, With colors if you mix in between them, the perception from them then becomes mixed. for example with orange you get a bit of red and yellow that’s how it works.


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