You can’t just say a sentence and mean it, to mean what you say you have to give off body language. For example if you say ‘I really care what you think’ but don’t add any body language or say it with no emotion, the saying means nothing. With text messages the same idea goes, because there is no tone the message could mean something different to how it comes across.

We was given 4 shapes and 4 words and we was asked to associate a word with the shape. We was given a Kiki, Arrow, Circle and a Line, the words given was scary, sporty, baby and posh. After associating the words with the shapes, I had the Kiki and scary, Arrow and sporty, Circle and baby and then Line and posh. I was right and the teacher explained why, the Kiki shape has sharp edges and is all over the place which would make this shape scary. The Arrow is a direction showing a line of travel or movement which would give a shape movement which can be associated with sporty. The Circle has no edges its soft and round, this is the way a baby is put across soft and harmless. The line can show authority which give you the sense of higher class, for example if someone talks down to you. Also building can be associated with this, courts, town halls and banks often have big stone pillars on the outside. Also the police have lines on their uniform and owners of banks have lines in their suits. The opposite to an upright line one which is lay down can portray a different message, for example calm, lazy and relaxed.


This can apply to lots of things in life for example bottles if you have an expensive wine bottle usually they are thin and straight, where as if you have a value bottle it won’t be as thin and maybe a plain-looking bottle. You can almost apply this to people as well, for their personalities and the way they act. Also a triangle can be stable with scary edges but its stable, for example a soldier or a police man, then you could have an upside down triangle and it is scary and unstable like a psychotic person.


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