captin america final design2 Cpt america ww2 final 2

These are my two final designs which I am going to use for the promotional posters and printing. With the WW2 design I added a little bit of color and changed the hue and saturation to give it an old-time classic camera effect. I think that this gave it a really good look. I do agree without the big logo it looks better. I rearranged the type to give it different looks, and I do agree the posters look better for this. I added a slight glow to the plane to give it an easier look on the eye also with changing the color of a little bit of type they really have come out well.

I am really pleased with my outcomes for this project I think that the designs I have come up with look really good and meet the requirements of the brief. Given the amount of time I feel as though my time management has improved greatly since my last projects on another course. Given the amount of time I am very pleased with the work I have done and I hope that it is enough to get a good grade for this project. I need to improve still with more research next time it might give me more ideas quicker as I had trouble to come up with an idea at the start. I like the fact that it wasn’t a typical fighter plane design I came up with, I also think it will appeal to the client as well as the age range. I really think for the age range the superhero them hit it on the head.



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