At first we checked out the room with the spear stuff in, this happened to be the room where past year marble runners left their stuff, we found some pretty cool stuff, one of the best and most useful things we found was Lego. As i was struggling to decided what to make my dodgems course out of, I decided to make the course out of Lego this way I could start right away. I started to construct the Lego into a course, this did take a lot of time at first but then once I got at it I finished the construction the day was over so I was to finish it the next day.

The next time I worked on the dodgems the marble didn’t run smooth, after some sorting out I added some xylophones into the construction to make a musicale noise as the marble hit them. After some consideration I then thought to make it more Gothic visual, I then painted all the Lego black. Once I had finished this I put it back together and made sure the marble ran through smoothly, I checked time and time again, the marble did run smoothly so my part was ready to add to the other pieces. As I was the first to finish my part I had to wait for the others but I didn’t mind as it gave me time to focus on the Flights of Fancy brief.

20131002_101206 20131002_101213 20131002_092959

Here you can see the track I built inside the structure and the Lego all painted black, also you can see the musical instruments. The reason why I had to put the structure on a slant, is because with it been Lego the marble itself couldn’t just run through it alone.


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