As I was starting to develop ideas, I decided to go with Captain America for the character and theme for this plane. As he was my preferred character for this I started to develop some imagery using my chosen plane for the designs.

Captin america design1 captin america design2

This first design was me trying to develop the plane into the Captain America themed design, after a while of experimenting I decided that it wasn’t going the way I first wanted to. I gave the design a second thought and had a go at superimposing textures to the plane. I tried grungy effects to it, after a while I looked into posters and the way he looked. I then thought of armor, this is when I was looking through armor plates. I came across this foot grid texture which was similar to Captain America’s own armor. I started to superimpose the texture to the panels of the plane. I then added the logo using the transformation tool, then distort I altered the logo to look as though it was part of the plane. After this I blended the layers using multiply giving the image the the full look of the plane, allowing the folds and creases to come through the texture. I really like the way the plane turned out in the end, I intend to use this for my designs.

iron manTHe hulk plane

These two designs were just some experiments I did for the other two characters. I did these two to see what they would start to look like using them as the theme. I tried a few different things with these ones but they didn’t work to well, this is why I decided to go with the Captain America design. I think with more work they could have been successful but as I already had one that looked good for the design so I went with that one.

After I developed the plane with the superimposed imagery i started to put together some poster designs to get a feel of what it would look like when it comes to promoting the plane its self. I started off with some imagery of sky scraper buildings and started to play around with the layout.

captin america design d1 captin america design d2

here I got the imagery right to show the plane well and show it as though it would be flying. When i was looking for fonts I wanted something similar to the original, I cam across this font called American Captain. I think that this font suits the poster and theme better than I thought. After a while I thought to look into Captain America and where it was his character originated from. After some research I found that Captain America originally was made in the World War 2 to fight against Hitler and his allies. After this I then looked into how I could incorporate this into my design.

d3 d4

This was the imagery I came up with for the World War 2 theme I really like the idea and theme behind this, I can’t add any color to it as it is black and white as the photo and imagery from World War 2 would have been. If I am to stick to this theme then I need to stick to the black and white. I really so think the idea behind this is really good so I am going to work with both of these.

After receiving peer reviews and advice I was advised to make it look more like a classic poster. In the end I added an overlay to them both and them multiplied the layers, I am very very pleased with the outcomes.

d5 d6

Here are the developed posters with the overlays, I really like how they have worked. The effect it gives the posters makes the look more of a real poster effect, the WW2 poster looks older and more found rather than clean and in your face. It gives it a classic look.

d7 d8

After I got the poster ready I inserted the type, I played around with the layout and composition until I feel I was almost there, I received some feedback for the posters from, I was told to move the logo as it takes up to much space, when I already have the smaller logo on the left. I was also told to alter the type slightly putting more of the attention on important type and changing it around so they don’t all look the same. I also was told that with the logo it almost could look like to someone else random that the name could be Captain America KLUTZ, so this could have been a big risk. So in the end I tidied up the type and changed the logo but also brought put more of the plane.


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