Today I started to make my paper airplanes, after using different types of techniques and folds to create different types of planes. In the end I decided on one design/model to use for all my airplanes. I found that the design I used would fly well but the littlest things can change it. I experimented with the airplane to find out by just adjusting the wings and middle parting would effect the flight to get the longest possible flight.

BLOG pic 1 Blog pic 2Blog pic 3 Blog pic 4


These are the four planes I have made, I decided on these ones as through all of the planes I made and tested they looked the best as well as gliding well, form and function both work with these planes as they look ascetically pleasing and really do fly quite well. I made all four as on the day of the flight i’m going to test them all, to see which one flies best given the room conditions. as they all do work well but sometimes better than others. It is strange to throw these planes though as they work well one minute and then they don’t fly well at all the next, they just drop and plummet. I’ve decided to use the second one for the designing and marketing as in my opinion it looks the best and isn’t to hard to add color and texture to it.


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