At first I had trouble deciding on a theme for my plane/planes but after some consideration I decided on Marvel characters. I chose to do one plane but the idea behind it would make it easy enough to make more characters and turn it into a series. My three chosen characters are Iron Man, The Hulk and Captain America. My other ideas where going to be, The red arrows as they have red, blue and white color schemes. I then also though of planes for delivery and service planes, like medic or resource rather than typical fighter planes which have been seen and done before.

The reason I thought of the Marvel characters was simply because I wanted to keep away from the typical plane themes so I looked into something completely different. I came up with the idea of Marvel as I was checking out a previous blog of mine I was looking through some movie posters, I love the look of movie posters the deep color and contrast is just simply great to look at. I then noticed some work done for Marvel by a designer called Marco Checchetto. I really like his work so it gave me an idea for Marvel.

I was thinking through it to see what kind of imagery I could use but there was just loads, the color schemes were already there as the superheros them selves have the distinctive color. For example The Hulk with green, then Captain America with blue and then Iron Man with red. I also thought through the series and it would be easier to create series posters that would only have slight differences e.g. color and the plane design so this means the three posters wouldn’t take to much effort to make a series of. I do have to consider it not all just going to smoothly but I think it is a task which is doable.

Here are some examples of Marco’s work.

I really like the colors he uses it gives the images a real sense of comic book style, I also really like the illustration that he puts into them i really like the way you get a sharp look and the really detailed effects, His work is just simply amazing.


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