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This is all the final images that I will be using, I added the logo and url, also the Domestos logo to get a feel for how it would look. I wouldn’t be telling the complete truth if I said I loved it, I know where I went throughout this project and will look to improve next time, I haven’t even left myself enough time to show how they would work in context. I could imagine these working in context e.g. like on billboards or as posters and so on but I have bearly given myself enough time to get the design handed in. I could see how it would work as an application also, but the one thing that has annoyed me is the fact I didn’t allow myself to finish it.

I did move the location of the logo and so on as from image to image it wouldn’t have worked in the same location. I don’t thin kits the worst thing I have ever seen, I think they are reasonable but It certainly isn’t my best work. I would rework it if I had time but as time goes on you learn from mistakes.


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