Rubbish in NY

For the first image of the campaign I decided to use this one, I have altered the color and so on. I thought that this image was so much better as the rubbish was true to what I experienced walking down a lot of streets in New York so I took this one for the first of the eight.



Here is how I changed the image, I did follow similar steps as the other ones but I think this one works better, I has more power to it in my opinion, you can see the piles of rubbish and its just a normal street, why would anyone want to live in these conditions.


For the next part of the campaign I used this one, I felt as though this had just as much power to it as the first. It did have the added power of expanding, this shows its getting to the point when its stretching out of the city. I felt as though this was showing a powerful message across. I thought I would see how it looked edited first. I used the light and contrast adjustments, I did also change the saturation to bring the dark and light out more.


At the point of doing this time was running short, I was happy with the photos but I would have liked to have done something more creative, like illustration or so on. I thought this was effect so I just wanted to get it down with the images and show how it would turn out.


I started with this image for the Answer, as this is a recycling bank I thought it is perfectly fitting to say that’s what the campaign is trying to get across. With this one I had to do a little more editing, I had to take out the purple circles with the white type inside, I used the content aware tool, and then touched up with the patch tool. I then went on to changing the lighting like I did for the others and came up with an idea, my idea was to start introducing color until I get to full color. At first it was a good idea but as the project came closer to finishing it didn’t work so I changed them all back. Ill show both examples here below.


Here is the one I added color to, at the time I thought it looked good because I started adding it to others which I will show later on, The white cut out is something I will mention later on in the project.



This is the one I decided to go with in the end, I do like the image but I haven’t given myself enough time to be picky about what I do.

green_hills AAAAMoneyTree

For the next part I used these two photos, I know it is very cheesy but I thought been cheesy can sometimes get peoples attention, as they needed to see that this is the important part of the whole campaign because this is the reason people were going to recycle. I know some people are good but most of the population are lazy and unless you give them a reason to get up and do something they won’t do it. I went with the money tree because I wanted to plant it on perfect hills to give them the cheesy feel, this is because it will catch their attention and then they can read the writing. I fully understand that this is a risk I would be taking, people might not even give it a look if it is to cheesy, I hope it gives them the “omg” that couldn’t be anymore ridiculous. If I can get this reaction I can get there attention they will then hopefully read the type.

To start with I put both of these images together and changed the color after some slight adjustments I also tried to add color to these as one image, I will show below. Just like the others though I went without color in the end but I am documenting my move throughout the project.


Same as before I will explain the white cut out later one so If you see more I will get it it, it wasn’t a mistake there is reason behind this.


I then took this store front to show that supermarkets are going to be involved, this also counts for companies, I used the content aware tool to avoid allowing any logos showing, I wanted to keep this as a solid vintage photography at this point so I changed the color and tried to add color, this was after the editing.


I used the same images throughout, the Black and White in the end so I don’t really want to keep repeating myself.

After this point I realized that It would not work with adding the slight color because the images need to have series. For this reason I am now only editing in black and white.


This was where I started to get onto the clean city part, I didn’t keep the original image according to the computer so I will just show you the edited version.


Here is a similar story, This was the this could be ours logo with a clean street, I think this was the cleanest photo I could find of a street in New York, it does pose a good image though because that is the flat iron building. I did use this image as I thought it was iconic and people knew the place. I don’t think it was this clean when we was there but it would give NewYorks something to think about.



I do like the series I have created so far and I almost have the chosen set of images.


With this image I changed the color so it looked the same and followed suit but I had to change what It said on the protest board, this had nothing to do with my campaign so I didn’t want people to get confused. The writing this person had put had no relevance to the project I was doing.


I didn’t completely get rid of it but I needed to make it authentic, so I just made it read a load of randomness, if I had slightly better Photoshop skills I would have put type on it but I was really running low on time. So here is the series of photos I made now was the branding part I had to give the campaign a brand and a full on feel.

My next move is to introduce the sponsor and give it a brand.




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