I needed to give the whole project an identity that could be recognized throughout all the advertising, this is when I created TakebackNY, I did think of a few other names but this was the most effective in my opinion. TakebackNY will hopefully make the NewYorkers think, as they see ti as there city they may think we need to get our city back. This is what I was going for and for that reason I created a brand from this. I had decided on a few typefaces to use I wanted to use a sans serif because it is more modern and appealing I think in modern advertising, I wish I had more time to find a more specific typeface to use that would be suitable to the campaign but I had to come up with something quick so I chose Century Gothic. I think this is a nice sans serif so this would be the typeface to use.


This is the logo I quickly made for the whole project the NY I didn’t have much time at all so I would have changed it but for the time given I thought it worked reasonably well, also I made the fake url http://www.takebackny.com so I could add it to the advertisments. This gave me the opportunity to give a small message and which would hopefully make them then go and look at the website. If this was going to happen the website would provide the information and details and allow people to become members so they could keep up to date with their points and so on.

I now needed to go onto to place this on the designs as well as the sponsor which is Domestos. This is where the white cut out comes because I had to go back to show my working I need to cut the logo out as I didn’t want to give away any of the suggested work later on.


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