To take my idea to the next level I was thinking on  how to execute the idea, I decided to go for a series of imagery and pictures that would document the journey as a series, I could then show how this would promote the campaign and become recognized as the campaign, this would be achieved through recognition of the series. This could be applied to all kinds of different advertising strategies, Billboard to digital. I have decided that there will be 8 images as I feel as though this is the correct amount to document what need to be said. I am not fully sure how I am going to approach this yet but somehow I will.

I think as giving an incentive is the biggest attraction to the project, I feel as though this is my selling point or should I say is. I have decided to list the way the images will be set like this.

  • What a mess, letting people see how it is
  • Do we want this? Asking the people if this is how they want to live (getting personal)
  • The Answer, This will be the recycling part
  • The rewards, Giving them a reason to do act
  • Everyone is on board, Letting them know and feel that everyone else is doing it
  • This could be ours, A clean and nicer city for people to enjoy
  • This could be yours, Allowing them to feel as though they are getting a cleaning and safer place
  • Why not all of us, This is the part where everyone benefits, as long as everyone gets involved

Now it is time for me to start working on getting the images, and developing this advertisement. I did just chuck something to together as a starting point to try and give me a new perspective. Here is the experiment I did, this was early stages just a concept.


I am going to start finding images to go with my campaign, as I think that this was the wrong direction to go and wasn’t that hard to put together I am going to start searching for appropriate content.


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