As a starting point I wanted to find images, I couldn’t source my own imagery as my campaign was based in New York. Although I had a recent trip to New York none of my images I took where suitable for my project, for example the rubbish filled streets, I didn’t think I would ever need these type of images.

After my research I wanted to recap on what I was doing and where my idea wanted to go. I wanted to create a system where people got rewards for recycling, this I hope will encourage people to recycle more. I wanted to do a spider diagram to give me ideas on where to start, I already have a back ground idea and research but this would give me clarity on where I wanted to go next. I started with Recycling in middle, then went onto have rewards and application and so on. With rewards I had things like cleaner area, better housing, profits for companies etc and obviously money back when you recycle. This gives me an idea for advertising what could be to gain, I think this is a different step to recycling advertising, as they always seem to be more like this will happen. I know it does play on the heart-strings but this isn’t as effective as knowing you will get something out of it.

I then went onto think of slogans and potential sentences for my campaign, Like ” this could be yours”, “Do you want this” and ” we can fix this”. I had to also give some consideration  to how this system would work for example, I could use mobile applications so they could save their credit up to buy something bigger or even just keep on track and get exclusive offers for rewards. Also they are going to have machines in stores so that people can deposit their recyclables. As there isn’t a place for lose in this I only see benefits so I think it has been grounded in reality very well. I think my target audience is something that needs a lot of consideration, as this is something to be used in stores across New York, shoppers will be the main target but, everyone goes shopping so it will be the public in general. This is something I guess more mature young to older adults will be using though, I will aim it at the younger and older adults as I think this is something that will interest them more.


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