I was looking around to find the best images that fit, I looked for images that suited the job I was looking for and here they are.

Rubbish Rubbish in NY

All of the images I sourced are from New York, I thought as this was about New York I had to find images that are located in NY. The second image shows just how bad the situation is and I am going to start altering these images so they look better and more dramatic for the campaign. I think it is a real problem, as I have found images like this online of New York it just shows how bad it has become.

Street reclying

I may not use all of these images but I thought as a point they would become useful and you never know so I sourced what I could.

Common Place bin bags Illegal-Dumping


I did start experimenting with images altering them around and mixing some of them here is what I came up with.


I used one of the street photos and one of the rubbish photos, to create this, at first I took away the color and then adjusted the levels to a contrast of which I thought gave the image dramatic lighting. I then went onto get the rubbish and do the same procedure, I then used the warp tool and vantage points to the angle of the rubbish I had cut out to make it look like it belonged on the street. I liked the image initially because it looked dramatic and old and broken, I am not trying to say old things are broken because most of the time they are the best built but it had this effect. I then decided against this because it didn’t give the right feeling. Also the original image didn’t have quite enough rubbish to be true to what I was saying was the problem. Also the rubbish wasn’t quite as I wanted it to look, The perspective wasn’t right in my opinion. I was going to experiment more and see what turned out best.


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