Overall I don’t see this project as a successful one, I don’t see the point in talking lies about something I feel I could have done a lot better with. I do think I met the requirements of the brief but I don’t think my work is good enough. My idea was effective and I could imagine it placed in reality, I think it would work perfectly in reality but I think the designs would have to be better.

It says I will have a better understanding of advertising and the agencies structure. I feel as though I have achieved this through my research as I think my research was effective enough, also I forgot to mention in my research I had to do a presentation on advertising jobs, this meant that I had to research and then present to the class. I feel as though this went really well, I don’t have that much experience with presenting but I do feel as though with a bit more preparation I could have got the information across a little better. This is something you develop over time, also from receiving feedback I now understand were I could improve on certain aspects of my presenting skills.

I feel as though I met the course brief because although we was working to a brief set by another organisation I did meet what was asked of me. I did choose a brief accordingly to my idea, I made sure it would fit and work through lots of consideration. I then also went onto generate good and sufficient research and ideas. I also showed my development and presented a decent presentation.

I do also have rough visuals but these wasn’t so clear so I explained them all in my blog posts, I left the work very late leaving little time for experiments but I did try out a few different ways of getting different atmospheres with my ads. I did do a research profile on everything appropriate to the D&AD brief of which I chose.

To conclude the D&AD brief I chose I did produce what was asked from me putting all considerations into perspective, it didn’t matter if it was problems my idea might cause to the bonuses I did put everything into perspective. For this reason I do think that I met all of the briefs tasks but I don’t think my final outcomes where as good as they could have been. I feel as though my work suffered because I left myself no time to deal with the design aspect getting caught up in other projects and this is something that I will never allow to happen again. I guess my time management was awful with this one but I will work to improve this. I may start using time schedules and a weekly plan because my work suffered. I wish I had planned my time better because I feel the idea was great but the execution wasn’t so great.


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