Our class received the last brief for this college year, The brief is called Work based learning 1: Applied Design project, “Student Magazine”. The brief is asking us to put forward a magazine design, the magazine will be based in Sheffield and has to appeal to students, The age is college to Higher Level education so the ages will be around 16 to 25+, the magazine will be for The Sheffield College students. We can decide on the content that goes in the magazine, the three features can take up more than a two page spread.

The magazine will run 10,000 copies three times a year to the 20,000 students that study in the college each year, The content isn’t to promote the college or any of its courses, the aim of the magazine is to promote Sheffield. The magazine can include reviews, events and articles that will appeal to students. The magazine is also to be written and designed by students working in coordination with the publishing company (RMC), It will be made available each term to students around each of the colleges for maximum circulation, there will also be an online version making it accessible to students for free online.

We have to provide a masthead, 2 cover designs, 1 interview / review spread, creative practice spread, alternative feature spread. We have to show all our research, design development, client visuals and evaluations, these will all be put up for marking. Their is a schedule to stick to so I think I am really going to try and keep on track this time the next stage will be research. I am going to start looking at current magazines out there and see whats happening in Sheffield I already have a few ideas for names and designs but I think it is important to get the research done first.


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